Boreham Wood

Club Profile

First Played: 1984-5

Win Rate: 41% (from 17 games)

Last Updated: 01 July 2022

From up here in North Herts, it’s easy to look down on our southern county counterparts. And Boreham Wood are one of ’em. But it ain’t personal, y’know. It’s actually quite literal when you think about it; sitting down there at the arse end of the A1. Unlike another side starting with the letter B from that part of the world, our history with the Wood stretches back further than the Bees. League, cup and pre-season friendlies; our head-to-head record goes back to November 1984.

A 4-2 win for us in the Hitachi Cup kicked things off. With seven wins and six defeats from 17 games in total, the balance is a pretty even one. The Wood have recently been getting closer (it seems) to promotion from the National League into the Football League. So, a repeat could be on the cards closer than we think. Time will tell. It hasn’t happened just yet – unless you’re reading this in 2023 and beyond and it, in fact, has? Do let us know.


Boreham Wood: The Facts

Meadow Park
Broughinge Road, Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire, WD6 5AL

020 8953 5097


Who are Boreham Wood?

Let’s ditch what might happen in the future for the time being. As we write it, it’s tough to make plans for anything. So, we’ll go back to the past for a bit. Things are more sure there. Such as the start of the story for the Wood. The year is 1948 and two teams decide it’s the time to merge: Boreham Rovers and Royal Retournez. After starting the adventure in the Mid Herts League, they’d join the Parthenon League three years later.

It was a successful time during their four years in the competition; finishing second twice, winning the title and then coming second once more. After that, the Wood moved to the Spartan League in 1957. But they couldn’t quite repeat the title-winning feat, finishing in second on two separate occasions – before opting for another change of scenery in 1966 with a switch to the Athenian League‘s Division Two.

It took one attempt for the Wood to gain promotion to Division One; winning the Division Two title in their first season. It was so close to being a double success too; just missing out on the 1969-70 Division One title on goal average. It did, however, win another promotion; this time to the Premier Division. Three years later, that division was binned – and so it was ‘back’ to Division One. The Wood won the title… and then moved on again.

Why do we know Boreham Wood?

1974 saw the Wood join the Isthmian League Division Two; gaining promotion to Division One as champions in 1977. Division One then became the Premier Division one year later; the result of a name change, rather than promotion. In 1982, however, came a rare event. The club were relegated for the first; at least since joining the Spartan League. The 1982-3 season saw them back in Division One (formerly Two).

But the reason we first came to know the Wood has nothing to do with their league plight. Nope – it was the 1984-5 Hitachi Cup draw instead.

Not that we wouldn’t have our league battles to come…

Boreham Wood: Record vs Boro'

Pl W D L F A GD Pts* WR%
Overall 17 7 4 6 20 17 3 10 41%
Home 10 3 2 5 11 10 1 4 30%
Away 7 4 2 1 9 7 2 6 57%
League 6 3 1 2 7 6 1 10 50%
Cup 11 4 3 4 13 11 2 n/a 36%

* league points only

Boreham Wood: Result-by-Result (Boro' Scoring First)

Saturday 08 February 1997

Monday 07 November 1994

Tuesday 25 January 1994

Monday 17 January 1994

Wednesday 01 January 1992

Saturday 28 September 1991

Tuesday 20 August 1991

Monday 06 November 1989

Tuesday 31 October 1989

Saturday 19 December 1987

Tuesday 08 December 1987

Monday 16 March 1987

Thursday 01 January 1987

Monday 03 November 1986

Saturday 01 November 1986

Monday 18 November 1985

Tuesday 13 November 1984

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How to get to Boreham Wood – Travel Information – Distance: 20 miles

By Road

Take the A1(M) and A1 towards London. Take the first turn off for Boreham Wood, heading for the town centre. Turn into Brook Road at the roundabout you’ll come to before the town centre. Broughinge Road will be the first left.

Tools: AA Route Planner | Highways Agency


The car park at the ground is for players and officials only. Just a few minutes’ walk is the Brook Road car park, however. It’s a Pay and Display car park and is free after 6.30pm – handy for a weekday match, eh? Local streets are subject to restrictions, so we wouldn’t recommend chancing your arm unless you’re sure that you’re in a safe place.

By Rail


At around a mile, the walk to the ground takes no more than 30 minutes. Exit through the station car park onto Station Road and turn left, before turning right at the roundabout for Shenley Road. After around 0.3 miles, turn left at the next roundabout for Clarendon Road and then right onto Eldon Road shortly afterwards.

At the end of the road, turn left into Eldon Avenue opposite McDonalds. Continue past Fairway House on your right, before turning into Fairway Avenue. It’s then a left turn for Brook Road, which you’ll need to cross to the side where the car park is. The club is to the north of this; accessed by heading up Broughinge Road along one side of the ground.

Turn right at the end of the ground, and right again to enter.

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