Stevenage: Player Records

If it’s Boro’ goalscorers you’re looking for, you start with Martin Gittings…

Looking for the list of most Stevenage appearances? How about the all-time leading Boro’ goalscorers? Well, you’ve come to the right place. But you should already be aware that Martin Gittings will never be caught at the top of the pile when it comes to goals. We also have a few other ‘records’ for you take a look at too. Guess what – goalkeepers tend to be the most unused subs. Who’d have thunk it, eh? But did you know there’s at least two on our all-time goal scoring list too?


Our appearance data pre-1992 is still coming together. It ain’t going as fast as we’d like. And we know that some players made more appearances than we can tell you. If you can help us along, take a look at the line-ups we’re missing. Some players could well rise up the list of most appearances as we get new information. It won’t make a huge dent at the top of the charts; Ronnie Henry has got that one covered. If we can, we’ll add in any yellow or red cards where possible. Not that anyone wants to have that particular record.

Or do they?

Most Appearances:
1Ronnie Henry479 (23)
2Mark Smith461 (7)
5Chris Day358 (3)
Most Goals:
Youngest Debutants:
1.Shaun Marshall
(vs Hertford Town (A), 10/09/1988)
16y, 326d
2.Jo Flack
(vs Kettering Town (A), 26/12/2002)
17y, 33d
3.Liam Smyth
(vs Charlton Athletic (H), 09/10/2018)
17y, 37d
4.Sam Hatton
(vs Crawley Town (H), 21/03/2005)
17y, 47d
Youngest Scorers:
1.Chris Sullivan
(vs Crawley Town (H), 21/03/2005)
17y, 181d
2.Nick Edgar
(vs St Albans City (A), 13/10/1992)
17y, 363d
3.Shaun Batt
(vs Crawley Town (H), 09/10/2018)
18y, 32d
4.Ben Kennedy
(vs Hartlepool United (A), 14/02/2015)
18y, 37d
Most Red Cards:
Most Benchwarming: