Stevenage Managers

Last Updated: 27 October 2022

These are the architects of Stevenage FC's success! The current gaffer at the Lamex is Alex Revell, but he isn't the first man to take charge of Boro'. In fact, he was the fourth to take charge during the 2019-20 campaign alone(!). But we really don’t wanna talk about that particular season more than we have to. From Vic Folbigg to Paul Fairclough and Derek Montgomery, here is the full rundown of Stevenage managers who sat in the home dugout at Broadhall Way at one point or another since 1976. Even Steve Wignall's in 'ere!

Using this information, you can see which managers got it right and which ones, well, didn’t. You can also see who stuck around longest – and who couldn’t wait to get out the exit door. Wignall springs to mind again. Click the column headers to rank gaffers by that metric. That really is as fancy as we can make all the Stevenage managers look. What more do you want?


You'll only find permanent managers listed here, not caretakers. And if you're reading the table below, the stats refer to the manager's FULL record (league and cup). But the 'Pts' column, unsurprisingly, only tallies up league points won. With regards to the early record, we'll get to that soon enough!

All the Stevenage managers...

Year Name P W D L F A Pts* WR%
2024-Alex Revell211032450
2022-4Steve Evans12059273416512116449
2021-2Paul Tisdale21371118291614
2020-1Alex Revell7723243076977430
2019-20Graham Westley1523101021613
2019Mark Sampson1958615211326
2018-9Dino Maamria6924153080968435
2016-8Darren Sarll11240254715215512836
2015-6Teddy Sheringham337101643572821
2013-5Graham Westley11338255013115511934
2012-3Gary Smith6722192680877733
2008-12Graham Westley201108484532718229354
2007-8Peter Taylor321441449454644
2006-7Mark Stimson723813211358810253
2003-6Graham Westley16677355424219823246
2002Wayne Turner451572358743433
2000-2Paul Fairclough8531292513211310136
2000Steve Wignall8332961238
1998-00Richard Hill5823161992717640
1990-98Paul Fairclough5092889013199458968757
1988-90Brian Williams11861322521211915252
1987-8John Bailey391172137643028
1983-7Frank Cornwell277130519648337828647
1979-83Derek Montgomery14967315128621917245
1978-9Sam Beadle291351143443145
1978-9John Aldrin14121149142886
1977-8Ted Kent1010111n/a
1977Martin Lacey52031010640
1976-7Vic Folbigg62041018033