Missing Stevenage Match Information

Last Updated: 13 July 2022

Old Boro’ programmes? Old Stevenage newspapers? We might want them…

We are working hard behind the scenes to find out the line-ups from each Stevenage and Stevenage Borough match since 1980. And we like to think we’ve done a good job so far. But we’re not quite there just yet. If you’ve found your way to this page, you will find a list of the games we’re currently missing Stevenage team data for.

We have trawled the archives of the British Library and have been unable to gather the information from The Comet, the Stevenage Gazette and other papers from the time. So, perhaps you can now step in and help? If you have any match programmes from any of the seasons listed below, we’d love to hear from you.

We don’t want to rob you of your collection – don’t worry. We are just chasing the missing Stevenage team data inside ’em. Not all programmes will contain the line-ups we need – we know this as we’ve seen it ourselves. But we’d like to keep crossing things off our list until we’ve no more leads to burn. Got any queries or want to know more? Get in touch

Our missing Stevenage games…

We're still missing line-ups from 22 games.


Saturday 11 April 1981


Saturday 10 October 1981

Tuesday 13 October 1981

Wednesday 28 October 1981

Saturday 01 May 1982


Monday 06 September 1982

Monday 20 September 1982


Tuesday 28 February 1984


Tuesday 26 March 1985

Tuesday 16 April 1985

Saturday 20 April 1985

Tuesday 23 April 1985

Saturday 04 May 1985


Saturday 14 December 1985

Saturday 21 December 1985

Saturday 28 December 1985

Wednesday 01 January 1986

Saturday 18 January 1986

Tuesday 18 March 1986


Tuesday 11 November 1986