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About Stevenage FC

Formed in 1976, Boro’ rose from the ashes of Stevenage Athletic; a band of intrepid fans determined to make sure the town had a senior football club to call its own. It took a bit of time to get going. But, once we did, wow how did we fly…


Our role as a Stevenage FC website? It’s fair to say we didn’t think that far ahead when we got ourselves on the internet in July 2002. Since (and somehow), we’ve grown to become the one-stop shop for all things Boro’. 1000+ players, 2300+ games, and 300+ opponents.

The Stevenage FC STORY…


Over the years, Stevenage have played plenty of teams – so we have plenty of club profiles for you to look at...

All the giants, all the minnows; the clubs up north and down south – or out west and over to the east. Stevenage Football Club crossed the land since stepping up to senior football in 1980, taking on our fair share of opponents at the same time.


For profiles of all Stevenage players over the years, you've come to the right place

We’ve seen ’em all. Shot-stopping savers, superstar strikers, defensive rocks, wing wizards, midfield generals, and general bobby dazzlers in between; the story of Boro’ offers plenty of cherished heroes… and the odd villain to boot.


Mitchell Cole scores in the 2007 FA Trophy final for Stevenage Borough. Here is the history of all Stevenage seasons...

Since forming in 1976, Stevenage FC rose from the depths of non-league football to the Football League. It’s a fascinating trip for the Boro’, and here you can look back at the good (and not so good) times that have led us to where you find us now.

OUR Stevenage FC WEbsite FEATURES

Why We Bother

The reasons. Oh, so many reasons why we support Stevenage FC

So, why do we bother? As Boro’ fans, we all have our reasons why we decide to get behind the Boro’. ‘Why We Bother’ is where all those reasons fall into one place; the great times, the funny moments, and those things that keep us coming back to the club.

St. Woking Day

St Woking Day - now a staple in the Boro' calendar

The definitive rivalry? Yeah – we think so. Somehow, it came to be that Boro’ and Woking would have it in for each other. Fortunately, we are having the last laugh – as St Woking Day proves each year without fail. But what’s the story behind it? Well, it’s all in here…

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