How To Get To Stevenage FC


By BoroGuide

Road, rail or even air – discover how to get to Stevenage FC and catch a league, friendly or cup match at the Lamex Stadium if this will be your first time visiting us. Or perhaps it ain’t your first time and you’ve simply forgotten. Don’t panic. It happens to us all. We’ll jog your memory. No matter how you’re planning to travel to Stevenage, we’re here to give you the tips and pointers you need for a successful trip.

After all, we don’t want you getting lost with our many, many roundabouts and cycle lanes.

How to get to Stevenage FC by road…

After removing some trees a few years back, the Lamex Stadium now hides in plain sight of anyone who passes it. For most drivers, it’s likely you’ll get to Stevenage FC by coming up (or down) the A1(M) motorway. Leave at Junction 7 and you’ll be less than a mile away.

From the motorway, follow the signs for Ware and Hertford (A602) across the roundabout next to the Science Park. Go across the railway bridge and approach another roundabout that’s flanked on both sides by retail parks.

Here, you have two options. Most fans will need to go straight on towards Ware, which is where you’ll find the supporters’ car park. But people on official business or travelling fans who have a disability and pre-arranged parking should go right for the club car park.

If you make your way to Stevenage from Ware after coming up the A10 or across on the A414, follow the signs for the A1(M) for the duration.

… and where to park?

As things stand, parking is free at the Fairlands Valley car park opposite the North Stand, just after coming off that second roundabout from the A1(M). This car park is also clearly signposted as you come from the motorway.

Do not park in either of the retail parks. There are restrictions to stop fans from parking in these retail parks, which could land you with a chunky fine.

Your alternatives include local street parking or one of the many town centre car parks. If you choose the latter, a bus will bring you from the bus/railway station to the ground.

How to get to Stevenage FC by rail…

Looking to get to Stevenage FC by rail?

We’re lucky enough to be on the East Coast mainline – linking London Kings Cross and Edinburgh, with Doncaster, Leeds, Peterborough and Newcastle on the way. So, it also means that you’ve got plenty of options for connections if you’re coming cross-country.

We’re also on the Great Northern network linking London Kings Cross (and St Pancras) with the likes of Cambridge, Brighton and London Bridge.

Once you get to Stevenage by rail, there are three ways you can make your onward trip across to the Lamex Stadium: on foot, by bus or by taxi. It’s about a mile in total.


Turn left after the ticket barriers to leave the station. Before you go across the road bridge, turn right and go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, turn back on yourself to head along the dual carriageway with the railway on the right. Head to the roundabout, with the police station on your right. From here, you have two options:

  1. Turn left to go under the roundabout – this will involve two underpasses. Next, take a right under a third underpass to get onto the same side of the road as Asda. You can cut across the Asda car park to the North Herts College building, where you’ll need to come out onto the A602. A path runs up alongside Roaring Meg retail park to another roundabout, where the ground is.
  2. Turn right and then left to effectively keep going straight on behind the police station. This takes you onto Six Hills Way, where you’ll come out near two mini-roundabouts. Cross the road when safe and convenient and keep going up this road. You’ll pass a Royal Mail office and a B&Q on the right hand side. Soon you’ll come to a Harvester (on your left), which is in Roaring Meg.Go through Roaring Meg, making sure Argos is on your left and Hobbycraft on your right. This will eventually bring you to a Pizza Hut and Burger King. Pass through the middle of these two outlets, which brings you to the roundabout where the ground is.

You’ll easily find a taxi rank at the station, which is on the town centre side – not the Leisure Park side. To be completely sure, go left after the ticket barriers and left down the ramp before crossing the road bridge. It shouldn’t cost you much more than a fiver.

How to get to Stevenage FC by bus…

A new bus interchange is now open in Stevenage. It is located on the opposite side of the road to the railway station; tucked in next to Gordon Craig Theatre. From here, you can get to the stadium with several options. The ground is served by bus routes (starting SB). All times quoted are from Stevenage bus station and sourced from the Arriva travel planner:

It is also served by the 383 (Stevenage to Hertford), but this is not an Arriva-run route.

How to get to Stevenage FC by air…

London (LOL) Luton Airport is 30 minutes door-to-door from the Lamex by road. By public transport, there is no direct rail link between Luton and Stevenage. So, your best option is an elaborate combination of services: A to Luton Bus Station, 100/101 to Stevenage and SB5/8 to the Lamex. You can always get a taxi too, of course.

With these handy hints and tips, you’ll hopefully have no issue when you next try to get to Stevenage FC. We don’t think we’re that hard to find. But we know that our unique use of roundabouts and cycle tracks can confuse first-time visitors. It’s a New Town thing…