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Last Updated: 09 July 2022

Media pro or member of the press?

Do you crave a Stevenage FC outlook on life, the universe and this crazy little thing called football? Here at BoroGuide, we’re always willing to oblige; to lend a tuppence worth of our thoughts if you need ’em. And we can already say that we’ve spoke our brains to (or should that be at?) a number of leading press and media titles. National and regional too, don’t you know. So, we do know what we’re doing and invite you with open arms for a chinwag.

Of course, we might not be the most appropriate spokesperson for you. It could be a subject we don’t have full steer on, or something unlikely like that. What we’ll do, just ‘cos we like you however, is always try and then point you in the right direction. No matter how much we love the sound of our own voice or sight of our thoughts down in print, it won’t be much value to you or fun for us if we’re off-piste. We know some top-notch folks in the field.

Some of the press folks who came calling before include…

Believe it or not, our editorial team have a background in journalism. So, we feel we’re in a great spot to appreciate your requirements. We may have full-time commitments beyond these pages, but we’ll always deliver what you need on time. And to a high standard with it too. With BoroGuide, you can be sure you can get the contribution that suits your needs. Just get in touch with your media request by filling in the form below or by emailing [email protected]!*

(* our brains are drowned in GDPR. If you do email us, we take that as your explicit consent to use your details to, y’know, email you back. Don’t make us link in our Privacy Policy…)

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