Letchworth Garden City

Club Profile

First Played: 1981-2

Win Rate: 31% (from 16 games)

Last Updated: 03 July 2022

Letchworth Garden City were one of our nearest neighbours and fiercest opponents – but the club sadly went under in 2002. Like us (sort of), LGC went under the name Town and Athletic. In 1976, however, the club decided to adopt the Garden City name. Our first meeting came in summer 1981 with our Woolwich Trophy defeat. The second encounter went our way in an East Anglian Cup tie – before losing the next three to nil.

After joining them in the Isthmian League, our fortunes improved. Not massively, however. As our overall record shows, five wins from 16 compares poorly to their eight wins. To be fair, we may have made it a little more kinder if we’d met them during our dominant 1990-1 campaign. Letchworth Garden City had already left the competition, however; relegated as the bottom ‘North’ team after a playoff with Horsham.

It left them facing the step down into the South Midlands League Premier Division in summer 1990. Five years later, Garden City was dropped from their name and a further seven years after that came the end of their story. An unconfirmed source on the club’s Wikipedia entry says it followed a dispute with the Herts FA. Whatever the reason, the club hasn’t returned.


Letchworth Garden City: The Facts

Who are Letchworth Garden City?

A club now no more, the Football Club History Database has let us trace the tale of Letchworth Garden City back as far as 1906. Known as just Garden City at this point, they joined the Herts County League Northern Division and finished bottom in their debut season. Did that experience lead them to change name in 1907 to Letchworth Athletic? We just don’t know. But it did happen. And, in the years before the First World War One, the club finished third, second and second in the Herts County League Championship play-off pool.

After the Great War, Letchworth Town (another name change) saw similar levels of success at Herts County League until the trail goes cold in 1924. FCHD’s radar doesn’t pick the club up again until 1955; the point at which the club joined the Delphian League – and another three years – the Corinthian League. Their time in Corinthian competition was nearly as brief, but not necessarily of their choosing. The league was disbanded; Letchworth Town finding a new home in the Athenian League as a result and going on to win the title in 1975.

By this point, the footballing paths of Letchworth and Stevenage had already crossed. Town (ours) overcame Town (theirs) in the 1958-9 FA Cup (3-2 at home) and 1960-1 FA Cup (6-2 away after a 2-2 draw indoors). And yet, weirdly, that wasn’t the biggest story of that season’s cup. Some side called Tottenham were, apparently. There was also an encounter with Athletic in the 1975-6 FA Trophy; Letchworth this time on the winning side after a replay. It was the last Trophy match Athletic ever played, for anyone looking for some tenuous trivia?

Letchworth Garden City: Record vs Boro'

Pl W D L F A GD Pts* WR%
Overall 16 5 3 8 14 19 -5 12 31%
Home 8 3 1 4 6 9 -3 10 38%
Away 8 2 2 4 8 10 -2 2 25%
League 8 3 3 2 6 4 2 12 38%
Cup 8 2 0 6 8 15 -7 n/a 25%

* league points only

Letchworth Garden City: Result-by-Result (Boro' Scoring First)

Tuesday 06 March 1990

Tuesday 26 December 1989

Tuesday 05 December 1989

Saturday 08 April 1989

Saturday 17 December 1988

Thursday 26 March 1987

Thursday 26 December 1985

Monday 09 September 1985

Saturday 02 February 1985

Tuesday 22 January 1985

Wednesday 26 December 1984

Tuesday 13 March 1984

Tuesday 05 April 1983

Saturday 30 October 1982

Tuesday 26 January 1982

Thursday 30 July 1981

Saturday 12 April 1980

Saturday 01 March 1980

Saturday 22 December 1979

Wednesday 18 April 1979

Saturday 21 October 1978

Saturday 16 September 1978

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