Club Profile

First Played: 1992-3

Win Rate: 67% (from 18 games)

Last Updated: 29 June 2022

For all the many times we beat Hayes over the years, how is it one of their two wins that sticks most in the collective mind? We’re literally not fooling with you guys here. Despite winning 12 out of 18 meetings, we can’t seem to remember much about them. It’s as if what happened at Broadhall Way on Monday 1 September 1997 wiped the good memories we had. For the Boro’ fans that were there, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Inspired by striker Jason Roberts, the Missioners put five goals past us and made us look quite silly. It was our first defeat to them in eight meetings too.

In summer 2007, the Missioners merged with Yeading FC to form a new club – Hayes & Yeading. Original, eh?


Hayes: The Facts

Who are Hayes Football Club?

The story of Hayes Football Club goes back to 1909 when they were formed. If reports are true, there was a religious calling to their existence; Wikipedia suggesting that Eileen Shackle set up the club to allow local lads to have both sporting and religious pursuits in their life. At the start, they went under the name Botwell Mission. ‘Hayes’ wasn’t added to the list of English football club names until 1930 perhaps. That’s the Football Club History Database‘s guess, at least…

For a long time, the Missioners were members of the Athenian League with varying degrees of success. They came second in 1950 and won the title in 1957 on goal average. More often than not, however, they tended to faff around in mid-table.

This was the way of their world until 1971, when they decided to join the Isthmian League. For the first few years, the Missioners struggled at the bottom end of Division One – later renamed the Premier Division. The 1980-1 campaign was the first time they troubled the top half of that table. And it started a little period during the early-to-mid 1980s where they found themselves competing with the sides chasing a place in the Alliance Premier League/Football Conference.

Why do we know the Missioners?

The 1980s weren’t a particularly consistent time for the Missioners. The club spent time lower down the table, before surging back into the upper reaches. It was quite the rollercoaster ride when you look at their league placings going into the 1990s. But there wasn’t much danger of relegation or promotion. So, when Boro’ made the step up to the Premier Division for the first time in 1992, it was inevitable that we’d come across them.

Hayes: Record vs Boro'

Pl W D L F A GD Pts* WR%
Overall 18 12 4 2 36 21 15 36 67%
Home 9 4 3 2 17 15 2 14 44%
Away 9 8 1 0 19 6 13 22 89%
League 16 11 3 2 32 19 13 36 69%
Cup 2 1 1 0 4 2 2 n/a 50%

* league points only

Hayes: Result-by-Result (Boro' Scoring First)

Saturday 15 December 2001

Tuesday 21 August 2001

Monday 01 January 2001

Tuesday 26 December 2000

Saturday 01 April 2000

Sunday 14 November 1999

Tuesday 23 February 1999

Monday 17 August 1998

Saturday 28 February 1998

Monday 01 September 1997

Monday 17 February 1997

Saturday 11 January 1997

Tuesday 26 November 1996

Saturday 16 November 1996

Saturday 23 April 1994

Saturday 20 November 1993

Saturday 24 April 1993

Monday 15 March 1993

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