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Robins In Da Hood

…and so it’s all coming down to this, a match that Boro’ must win and hope other results play ball! Nothing has changed much since last weekend. There’s a two-point gap to make up between us and the playoffs, and about a billion clubs ready to pounce if Newport or Exeter naff it up. Start thinking about the last-minute winners and equalisers we’ve conceded over the course of the season […]

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Robins Reliant

Two games indoors, two wins and six league points in the bank. That’s lovely Alan! STOP – hammertime, and in the name of love while we’re at it, though. That’s not how it all ended up working out. The plan for our double header with Crewe and then Port Vale was rock solid. The execution, less so. Look back at the charred remains of the week gone by and we’ve more red […]

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Chelta Force

Woo-oo-oo-ooo, can you feel the force? Yes, the real thing is back as League Two action makes itself known once more to our various levels of consciousness. Of course, we’re contractually obliged to mention that home humbling against Oxford in some competition or other. So, take that as our duties well and truly dealt with. It’s now time to move on to more important matters: tearing up League Two. And where do […]

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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…

… it’s Cheltenham indoors, so let’s talk it through. Yep, it’s time to weigh up what our own Saint Valentine’s Day Matter holds in store for this Stevenage side. Of course, the bottom line here is that we’re gunning for a fourth successive league win. It’s hard to remember the last time we did that, but it’d be better than a bunch of posies and an up-slap meal. And these are heady times too. […]

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Robins’ Hood

After a dose of weekend woe, a chance to make it up midweek as Stevenage Football Club go westwards ho! to Cheltenham Town Football Club. For the newly arisen among us, “Chelters” came second in last season’s “Sides Promoted From Non-League That Make You Go Meh” contest. It wasn’t a close run thing in the end, as Grimsby Town took the title by a country mile. But it’s not personal, before anyone starts grief signalling and writes to their […]

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Cheltenham Town: Bank Holiday Funday

First up was the team that are second bottom in the division, and next up to complete the second half of our Easter Double Act are the mob propping up the table as things stand. That’s right, it’s Cheltenham Town down at their gaff and points are starting to become a must if we’re really sure about taking this season into some overtime with one of those playoff berths. It’s not going to be […]

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