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BoroGuide Awards: 2011/2 Match

If we thought naming our Player of the Year was tough enough, then to decide upon our Match of the Season is an equally troubling matter. Not least because there are so many potential candidates to choose from, and reducing that to the five on our shortlist called for the …

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With the Supporters' Association and Borochat awards now decided, now is the time for BoroGuide to sneak out its own Player of the Season gong

BoroGuide Awards: 2011-2 Player

With the Supporters’ Association and Borochat awards now decided and confirmed, now is the time for BoroGuide to sneak out its own, albeit still somewhat prestigious, Player of the Season accolade. We have no trophies or certificates to hand out, which places us at a bit of a disadvantage. So, …

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BoroGuide Awards: 2011/2 Media Person

The first award we’re doling out this season isn’t for anyone connected with the club at all. In light of the fact that we could still have another four games left this season, we start the ball rolling with the esteemed folk of the media fraternity. Without these hardy souls, …

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BoroGuide Awards: An Introduction

It seems that no sooner does one season begin that it is compelled to reach its conclusion. The 2011/2 campaign is on the verge of becoming nothing more than pages in our history book, and a section in BoroGuide’s Seasons Archive. As we woke up yesterday to realise it was …

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