BoroGuide Awards: An Introduction

By BoroGuide

Aston Villa 1899
Image: Public Domain

It seems that no sooner does one season begin that it is compelled to reach its conclusion. The 2011/2 campaign is on the verge of becoming nothing more than pages in our history book, and a section in BoroGuide’s Seasons Archive. As we woke up yesterday to realise it was now May, we had to ask: where did the time go? January to April seems like an incredible blur to say the least…

As is the tradition at this time of the season, we’ll be casting an eye back over past months and celebrating those individuals (or groups) who stood out. Of course, this could be for a positive reason, an obscure reason or even a negative one. But each and everyone is designed to show how they were essential moments when contributing to how this 2011/2 season was one of the most memorable in the history of Stevenage Borough Football Club.

Award winners will be announced in due course over the next couple of weeks – starting today as it goes – and are chosen solely at the discretion of the BoroGuide team. With the local authority elections on 3 May, you have enough to decide so do not feel too aggrieved that we’ve picked the runners, riders and eventual winners. We mean well and hope that you are satisfied who triumphs in the 2011/2 BoroGuide Awards.