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Ronnie Henry lifts the FA Trophy at Wembley 2007

Ronnie Henry: A Boro’ Career In Numbers

For wordy-birdies like ourselves, we do sometimes have to let numbers do the talking. For a feat as mammoth as setting Boro’s new all-time appearances record, pure and unadulterated numerical figures can put the man that is Ronnie Henry into a *much* easier context to digest. So, come fill your …

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Record Breaker: Ronnie Henry will go down in history at Stevenage Football Club

You Can Be A Record Breaker…

Barker, Radford, Biggs, Wood, Corbett, O’Sullivan, Reagan or McDonald; ask a random stranger in the street to name their favourite Ronnie and there’s no shortage of options. They’d be feckin’ confuddled, if not downright scared. But they’d still have a big ol’list to choose from. And Ronnie Moore. Even us as …

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It's time to crunch the figures as we dig out Boro's year in numbers for 2017

2017: Boro’s Year In Numbers

Our pitiful budget and – let’s be blunt – our laziness means this is the closest we’ll come to staging an End of Year Bash. You can be sure of two things as the curtain comes down on the latest calendar year. First, a black and white montage of the …

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The Capital One Cup draw takes us to Mick McCarthy's Ipswich Town

Capital One Cup Draw: Ipswich Town (Away)

So, Ipswich Town are to be our first round opponents thanks to the Capital One Cup draw; the Tractor Boys one of just two sides to lose to us in the nation’s second-most prestigious cup competition. To date, at least. Us beating them in a two-goal victory came at the …

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Keep Calm And Carry On

“Panic on the streets of Bedwell, panic on the streets of Broadwater… I wonder to myself” – Now then chums, is it really time to start reaching for the A-Z Guide of League Two? No. That’s the short answer and the only answer you’re getting at the moment. Sure, we …

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Monday Lunchtime Stat Attack

And we are off and running. As Gary Smith so eloquently put it, “if you can’t win the game, don’t get beaten” – a decent enough philosophy from which to work from. Of course, it may be argued that Saturday’s game was a little out of the ordinary – temperatures …

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