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With the Supporters’ Association and Borochat awards now decided and confirmed, now is the time for BoroGuide to sneak out its own, albeit still somewhat prestigious, Player of the Season accolade. We have no trophies or certificates to hand out, which places us at a bit of a disadvantage. So, in the hope that at least the sentiment shines through, we recognise the men who made the greatest impression in 2011-2.

BoroGuide Awards 2011-2 Player of the Year Nominees:

Chris Beardsley:
Forward, terroriser of defenders, top goalscorer
Michael Bostwick:
Midfielder, beard grower, foot like a traction engine
Chris Day:
Goalkeeper, elder statesman, super-human reflexes
Scott Laird:
Defender, scorer of spectacular goals, star of Boro’ player
Mark Roberts:
Defender, captain, caretaker manager, part-time superhero (probably)

You need to first appreciate how difficult it is to narrow down the squad of 20 to this group of five. Those who failed to make the shortlist miss out not due to any shortcomings, but in light of the fact we’re only prepared to list five – otherwise we’ll never get anything done. If it helps, you can say that each and every member of the squad was a contender. But there can only be one winner. So who is it?

For a start, it isn’t Chris Beardsley or Scott Laird. You probably wouldn’t have this duo down as the contributor in almost equal part of 19 goals. But there we go… Lairdy loves the piledriver from 25 yards. And Beardo is the number one cause of insanity among opposing defenders.

Michael Bostwick was a powerhouse in the midfield throughout the season. The rumour is the US armed forces want to borrow him for a week or two to learn how to improve their smart missiles’ accuracy, such is the potency of the man Bossie from 30 yards. However, it doesn’t earn him our award.

If you consider how many points have been won by late goals and cameo appearances over the course of the last season, then what about those won by Chris Day defying physics. In his twilight years (career-wise), Day has shown no let him in his ability to fly from one side of the goal to the other. No award, mind.

BoroGuide Awards 2011-2 Player of the Year Winner:

So that leaves us with one man. And, by process of elimination, the winner. BoroGuide has become the latest institution to bestow an honour upon Mark Roberts and we reckon it’s only the Queen left to go. We said it before: captain, defender, leader, caretaker manager… it’s all there. Unbeaten in his fledgling managerial career, unsatisfied by consolidation. He really is something truly to behold…

NB: The trophy held by Mark Roberts above is NOT the BoroGuide Player of the Year award.

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  1. Completely correct, not enough whitespace on this page to cover all the teams efforts so we are left with 5 super humans. Of those roberts is the man of men, king of kings, and God of all Gods, So shall it be written…

    Robbo, Robbo, Robbo!!!!

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