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Last Updated: 07 July 2023

Stevenage Borough 4-0 Woking: Easter Monday 1996 is the date which will live in infamy; Boro' making it very clear to Woking who would be Conference champions

Good Game: Stevenage Borough 4-0 Woking

Good Game: The series looking at the amazing, utterly memorable, unbelievably dramatic and downright ludicrous games that involved Stevenage Borough over the years. But we’ll insist that we accept no blame for memories warped by time, age or alcohol consumption at the time. We’ll never refer to any games involving …

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The 2007 FA Trophy Final – one of the biggest Stevenage FC matches in history (to date)

10 Of The Best: Biggest Stevenage FC Matches In History

It’s a bit of an understatement – but there have been some huge moments in the history of Stevenage (Borough) Football Club since coming to life in 1976. It’s tough to boil them down into a list of just 10 iconic moments; trying to capture the significance of those games, …

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New Year's Day games (usually) are part and parcel of the season. Here are five of the best for the sake of Auld Lang Syne...

5 Of The Best: New Year’s Day Games

In our heads, New Year’s Day games are part and parcel of your average football season. It’s almost etched into our souls – much like what we consider to be an obligatory Boxing Day get together. Even better were the good old days when you could set your watch by …

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