Close Season Blues

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All Over Bar The Shouting

There she goes. Leaving on the 16.42 from Waterloo for the evening White Star steamer to the New World. It has been an emotional, enthralling few months where moments of utter joy had been entwined in frustration and, at times, despair. But now she is leaving your life for the …

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Boro’s Newest Star?

Since the end of last season, we’ve been searching frantically for something to fill our time until the 2012/3 campaign kicks off next month. Euro 2012 did, for a short while, grab our attention. But with the Russians, Dutch and Germans determined to torpedo our wagers, it waned our interest …

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Everything Changes But You

I’ve been watching Stevenage on and off for my entire life. Back in the days of Martin Gittings et al, my dad used to take me to watch the odd game, but I was always too young to fully understand what was going on or to form any sort of …

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A Note From Caldey Island

Looking outside, you could fool yourself into thinking that it wasn’t summer. But it is, and we’re starting to get a little bored here at BoroGuide Towers. With nothing to fill weekends and sporadic news of player movements, we’re very nearly enthused about the Poles versus the Greeks opening Euro …

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