Boro’s Newest Star?

By BoroGuide

Since the end of last season, we’ve been searching frantically for something to fill our time until the 2012/3 campaign kicks off next month. Euro 2012 did, for a short while, grab our attention. But with the Russians, Dutch and Germans determined to torpedo our wagers, it waned our interest so we moved onto some cricket action.

In that regard, the rain had other ideas. This summer has been more conducive to creating an Ark and taking two of every animal with us on a cruise around the regions. But we’re no fans of dung beetles and the price wasn’t right for the amount of timber we needed, so that idea was off the cards too. So we spent the whole time playing New Star Soccer.

How did we do? Well… we smashed Watford; won the Championship; and won the FA Cup for starters. Why did the top sides get so many points? Because the riffraff at the bottom of the table were so poor (image three). Then won the Premier League and the Europa League. Not bad for a summer.