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Low-Carb Diets: Football Training Is Serious, But So Is Your Health

The trend of “cutting carbs”, low-carb diets and the damaging health effects has received plenty of media attention recently. Pairing down the amount of carbs in your diet to help remain trim or shed excess weight may result in putting your long-term health at risk. Carbohydrates play an important part of our diets and provide energy to our bodies, particularly for muscle repair and gain. This is so important when […]

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Are The Lights Back On Yet?

The longest-running saga in English football is now at an end. UK Power put a couple of quid in the meter and the new electricity substation is now alive and kicking. Probs. Don’t take our word for it, ‘cos we did this intro before the long-awaited switch-over. We’d call the club shop, but – y’know – we can’t. Give ’em a bell on Satdi morning to see. If no-one picks […]

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Mission Imp-ossible?

Is it too late to get the Football League to change the rules? It’s just we’re thinking of asking that home games count double and away games count for nothing come the final reckoning. It might be enough to get us a spot in the playoffs, right? Or will our fluttering eyelashes fail to convince the bigwigs and end up wasting our time – something we do every time we […]

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Timlin: The Missing Piece Of The Jigsaw?

In recent years, it hasn’t been Boro’s inability to score goals stopping us from escaping from League 2 and back into the sunnier climbs of League 1. We may not have set records in terms of our strikers, but we’ve consistently scored more goals that we have played games. It’s not the loftiest of achievements, but that’s generally a good barometer for a team that has better prospects of going […]

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Wirral Going On A February Holiday…

…no more working for a day or two. And well done to you – yes, you there! You’re the latest BoroGuide winner of a no-expenses paid trip to the wonder of the Wirral. Oh yeah, baby. It’s Tranmere! A place with its own entry in the Urban Dictionary. We’ve not checked what it says, but we’d assume it’s positive? You’d have to go back to nineteen-eighty-shit and take down 101 (or […]

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Star-Crossed Glovers

If you wanna beat a Glover, you gotta get with our friends. And it looks like the four lads coming in on loan on transfer deadline day are doing just that. With the attacking threat of a limp sloth, Boro’ made no dent in the Forest Green back line last time out. So, it’d seem the gaffer has gone about sortin’ it out. We’ve hit the reset button on the […]

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