A Full Guide To Your First Day At Stevenage FC

By BoroGuide

So you’ve moved to Stevenage. First of all, congratulations. It’s beautiful here, and there’s loads to see. You can take a picnic in Fairlands Valley Park, catch a show at Gordon Craig Theatre, even look at some of the local history at the Stevenage Museum. But before you do all that, there’s something you need to get out of the way first. And that’s what this full guide is all about!

Football. That’s right! No matter where you’ve moved from, it’s the law that every new arrival to the town has to go to a Boro’ game. Well, not really a law. More a guideline. But the council is working on that. The real reason you should go to a game is not necessarily to support the team – though you should do that too. You’ll experience one of the most lively atmospheres you can get in town too. And you can make a few new friends along the way.

Heading to the match is the perfect opportunity to get to know a community and join in on the excitement. It’s no different here in Stevenage. So, with this in mind, here’s a full guide to a day out to Lamex Stadium – and what you can expect during your first time.

The Practical Stuff

Okay, first, let’s get practicalities out the way. You’re going to have to arrive there somehow. If you’re not directly in town, it can be tricky to work out. If you’re travelling by car, don’t cross the dual carriageway – use the underpass to cross the A602.  Also, there’s free matchday parking for 500 vehicles at the Fairlands Valley Car Park, which is just north of the stadium. 

If you’re jumping on the train, then cross over the bridge at the station, then take the route toward Gordon Craig theatre. You’ll find an underpass under the Asda, and from there, keep walking until you get to the Roaring Meg retail park. The stadium will be viewable from the roundabout there.

Pre-Match Banter

If you support a team in the big leagues, then you’re going to need some League One tips and tricks if you’re thinking about placing bets, or if you simply want to know more about the context of the game. The best way to do this is arrive early and head to the Broadhall Suite. This is the area of the stadium where fans go for food and drinks before and after the games. 

It opens at midday on a Saturday and 5:30pm if the game is taking place in the evening. Boro’ also have the 76 Lounge (or an Executive Box) if you want a bit more of a luxury experience. 

Don’t Miss Anything

While visiting these venues is a great idea if you want to meet a few local fans, you shouldn’t spend too long if you want to experience the full matchday. If it’s a 3pm kick-off, the players will arrive at around 1pm, and the turnstiles will open at 1:45pm. We recommend being in the stands at around 2:15pm to ensure you get your seat and don’t miss a minute of play. As well as this, you should try to catch the Boro Busker, who starts performing at around 1:45pm. 

If you have a really good time and find yourself falling a bit in love with our beloved Boro’ team, then there’s also a club shop located between the ticket office and the players entrance, on the west side of Lamex Stadium. Here, you can get all the football shirts and merchandise you need, as well as a few tickets for the upcoming games. Believe us, once you’ve had a feel for the football here, you’re going to want to come back!

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