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Craw And Order

If any match report from last week was more than one word and could be printed without a parental advisory sticker, it was over-written. Awful, dire or rubbish; that’s putting the 2-0 reverse up at Cambridge mildly to say the least. To have now given six points to a team struggling towards the bottom of the table doesn’t do much for our mood; ours last Saturday night was as negative […]

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A ‘Bridge (Not) Too Far

As far as ‘bridges go, we don’t mind so much the Ux, Staly or even Stour sorts. At least, we don’t tend to mind ’em more often than not. And we’re even partial to the ol’Tower one down in that London too. But Cam? Ooh, no; we’re not really so hot on that type of ‘bridge. After having City make mugs of us more than once, we then got lumbered with […]

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Ringin’ In The New… Port?

It’s out with the 12-year-old port you’ve been guzzling down your cheese with this Christmas, and now in with the Newport from the arse-end of Wales. Or ‘South Wales’ as it’s known in official diplomatic circles. True dat. The New Year is now upon us and we hope you have your resolutions ready to break before the weekend gets to us? Ours is to learn the piano. Seriously. Then again, […]

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All We Want For Christmas Is Crewe… (A)

Now then, isn’t it better late than never – not least when it’s getting what you want from Santa for Christmas. What you really, really want. We’re talking something much more heart-warming than novelty pants and Lynx gift sets too. Three points away from home on Boxing Day. That’s the true meaning of the festive period, isn’t it; the joy that you’ll only otherwise get after putting away the 15th pack […]

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Baby, It’s Col U Outside

So, no early Christmas presents for us at the weekend then. And we thought we had been extra good this year too. Not once have we used the word feck or beggar. Much, anyway. A 3-1 reverse at home to Mansfield means we couldn’t see ourselves soar into the festive season on a wave of glad tidings. Can we extract ourselves from the sofa and headlong towards a New Year […]

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Bah, Slumbug…

Cor! If Christmas is a time of year that’s ablaze with the roaring fire of festive cheer, hasn’t our Lewis Hamilton done his bit to douse the flames? If anyone caught the parlour folly that is BBC Mainstream Sports Personality Of The Year, our famed Billy Whizz made a silly reference from coming from the ‘slums’. It’s got everyone from Corey’s Mill Sainsbury’s to Broadwater Tesco in a right fluffery […]

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