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Tuesday 24 February 1998

Saturday 21 February 1998


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Ground Information

Away Supporters' Stand:

Travel Information – Distance: 107 miles

By Road:
The Tigers are still working on a return home after the floods that forced them out. As we speak, they're currently sharing the home of Evesham United – so that's where you're heading. You can take a number of routes, including a more direct one cross county. We're making things a little easier, however.

You're also advised (not by us) to use WR11 2LS in your satnav.

Head north on the M1 until Junction 17, joining the M45 towards Coventry. Once the M45 comes to an end, continue on the A45 and do so across the next two roundabouts until you reach Coventry. Here, join the Stonebridge Highway; this will still be the A45, to be fair.

A mile down the road, leave the A45 via the slip road. Take the first exit at the roundabout for the southbound A46 for pretty much 25 miles. There will be a good few roundabouts; as long as you're still on the A46 after each one, you're doing just fine.

The ground is more or less on the right hand side as you come out of a roundabout on the southern tip of Evesham town.

Tools: AA Route Planner | Highways Agency

There is a car park at the ground, but it doesn't look huge. Nearby street parking might have to do if it gets particularly busy.

By Rail:
Station: EVESHAM

At nearly two miles, the walk from Evesham station could be enough to make you want to grab a taxi. If you really do want to walk it, come out onto the High Street and turn right. Just follow this all the way down to the roundabout with the A46 to the south of the town, where the ground is.

It will, at least, take you past all the pubs...

Tools: National Rail | TfL Journey Planner