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A Load of Old Toffee – Stevenage FC Podcast

A Load of Old Toffee

They've always got a lot to say. Most of it is a load of old toffee...

A Load Of Old Toffee first went live back in 2012 as the independent podcast for Stevenage Football Club. BBC Three Counties' own Steve Watkins keeps things in check as our affable regular host. Meanwhile, resident gits Deano Thompson and Mark Hollis get to grips with all the latest news to come out of the Lamex.

The podcast is available to subscribe via iTunes if you are of Apple mind, while those of you who are not can subscribe to the RSS feed and keep up to date with all the latest episodes. Are you waiting for the next one to come out? Why not ping the team a question that might just get read out?

Or maybe you want to make a guest appearance? The team is always in need of a sane mind. That's why there's always at least one guest spot on the panel. Barry Webber winning off the pitch, Gary Smith, Graham Westley, Chris Beardsley, Mark Roberts, Jon Nurse, Adam Miller; all have appeared, so why not add your name to the list?

Have you got a lot to say? Is it a load of Old Toffee?

Fancy yourself as a bit of a roving reporter? You could be part of a future podcast! And it's easy to do! Have your say and share your opinions before, during and after the game (keeping it clean, of course) by sending your very own Boo to us using Audioboo.

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