Live #2: The Punchline


By BoroGuide

**A Load Of Old Toffee Live #2: CANCELLED – Full Details Here**

The last time A Load of Old Toffee did its thing live, it was great craic. It was such a hit, in fact, that – three-and-a-half-short-years later – it’s happening all over again. Yep, that’s right folks: we are here to tell you that A Load of Old Toffee Live #2: The Punchline is coming to a room in Stevenage near, er, you. And we’re also here to tell you not to pass up the chance to be there under penalty of FOMO. It takes place on 1 September at 7pm (or 19 hundred hours). It’s a Friday, so no excuses. Oh, and the venue is the Cromwell Suite at the Cromwell Hotel.


A Load Of Old Toffee Live #2: The Punchline

So, why is this a thing? Well, you can’t have failed to notice the buzz around the North Stand plans. As a result, Stevenage FC’s Officially Unofficial Podcast team plan to stand Shoulder To Shoulder with the club. With cash raised from ticket sales (£10 adult, £5 U16s), the ALOOT team will buy a £500 bond – before donating any and all excess funds to the Twin Towns charity fund. You can now buy your tickets via the internet by going to this part of it: There are NO refunds if Deano gets sweary. If? Sorry, we mean “when”.

To keep up a track record of using ALOOT for fundraising porpoises, the team is going to opt for the 8% Club Credit and, with the £40 annual profit, buy the newest replica shirt each year and raffle it off for charity. And when the bond is returned in five years? The £500 will be given to a good cause or two or maybe more. ALOOT is unable to confirm which charity/charities will benefit at this point in time, but every effort will be made to make them local and make them relevant. That’s about the gist of it, but put any questions to Facebook.

Oh, should we mention that Mark Roberts and Chris Beardsley are taking part…?

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A Load of Old Toffee Live 2: The Punchline