Make-Up Mirror

No, this is not a name of a real money online slot. Though it would make for a really good one. What we want to discuss is way more serious than winning a couple of thousand dollars at top online casinos. The world is under siege by the need to alter one’s complexion. Pharmaceutical companies in the richest and the poorest countries are profiteering from people’s desire to look more attractive. But there is a cost to all this. A social impact that might be more severe than any gambling addiction might be. But let us start at the beginning.

The Cause

The underlying reasons to people wanting to alter their complexion by a shade or two is because of historical Legacies. In “white” culture there are stories which speak of how Snow White was the fairest in the land. Such stories have trickled down to poor girls who inevitably spend a lot of time outdoors resulting in darker skin pigmentation. So in an effort to look more “beautiful”, these girls use skin bleaching agents. However, this practice is more common in the “black” communities.

Tanning is what is more common in affluent “white” communities. This is because pale skin is associated with illness and not affording to travel to warmer climates. Another heritage we get from societies that lived before us.

Colonization: a reason why bleaching agents are so popular in third world countries. As these countries were colonized, their “white” masters preferred lighter looking people as domestic slaves/servants. The result is that being fairer in complexion was associated with superiority. And as the lighter members got better-paying jobs it became associated with being wealthy.

The result of all this is that we promoting people who are not satisfied in their own skin regardless of colour. Thus we will be forever craving to look better.

It is a complex issue; not least if you compare it to an activity like taking a spin at a real money online casino slot, for example. And with the underlying reasons outlined above, it’s an issue that generates much debate.

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