Under Starters Orders

By BoroGuide

Monopoly GoRight, we’re about ready for the off here at BoroGuide Towers and look forward to seeing Carlisle United return home defeated once again. The season properly begins tomorrow – discounting the Capital One Cup game earlier in the week – and we’re certainly interested to see how the new-look Gary Smith All Stars looks in comparison to our contemporaries here in League One.

We worked hard last night to ship out the old players and bring in new ones on FIFA 12 – although we did have to create Anthony Furlonge ourselves. Taking on Carlisle, as you’d expect, saw Boro’ draw 2-2. It started well enough, with Marcus Haber and James Dunne scoring in the first half. But our fingers tired (if not Robbo and Ashton) and they found a way back into it.

If it counts, Boro’ won on penalties. An idea the Football League dismissed and told in no uncertain terms that we were not to write to them about again.

On a more serious note, the new season gives BoroGuide the chance to try out some newer things too. You may well have noted that the pages are sporting a bit of a redesign, but that the player pages remain untouched. There is a reason for this, as we shall detail:

– The front page now sports a nice little On This Day feature. Well, we think its nice…

– BoroGuide is looking to move to a more database-centred approach, where statistics can be stored and dynamically used. We’re still toying with how to apply it to player pages.

– New signings mean new songs. Feel free to submit any for inclusion in the Songbook.

– We will be continuing to research the history of the club and plug the gaps, particularly in the 1980s fixture lists and whatnot. No internet back then makes this a tricky endeavour…

– BoroGuide is also considering launching a semi-regular podcast service, more than likely offering irreverent (or is that irrelevant) chatter on all things Boro’. We’d really like to hear your views on this, primarily about whether it is something you want us to do.

So. Those are the plans for the season ahead. And we’re not going to pretend it will be easy but we’ll have a go nonetheless. Remember, you can always get in touch with us for any old reason —
| email | facebook | twitter | — so don’t be a stranger if you got an idea…

And now for the first Team Tarot of the season:

Team for Carlisle


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    • It’s something we’re keen to do once we’ve fathomed out some of the finer details. And probably once other things get done…

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