Southampton Preview

By BoroGuide

It might seem like a break with tradition, but just sometimes we like our blog posts to have a more straightforward feel to things. Southampton (for it is they) are the upcoming guests to our humble abode and no doubt will be impressed by work on the West Stand’s exterior. BoroGuide only saw it for the first time this weekend and it looks snazzy to say the least.

Even before the game against our Premier Leaguers gets underway, there has been – shall we say – discontent over the revelation that the Saints were allowed to reject the chance to play on television. Regardless of the financial implications, it seems slightly unfair that the Premier League clubs have that opportunity, while us muggins in the Football League have to grin and bear whatever.

But we are at risk of digressing to a point where we forget there is a game of football and it can be used to pull down some more trousers. If we lost out on money due to the television thing, then we make it back by qualifying for Round 3, no? Win through, beat the big boys and draw Manchester City at home in the next round. Sorted. We just need a way past Jim Magilton and it’s on…

Our tight defence and unbeaten record this campaign stands us in good stead; confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as… y’know.

A muted Team Tarot, albeit easy given current form:

Gray — Robbo — Ashton — Darius
Dunne — Grant
Morais — Rogers* — Freeman

* verified Twitter account