The Ballad of Gunnar Halle

By BoroGuide

Gunnar HalleAh, the man Gunnar Halle. One of those players from a time when terracing was still part of some Premier League grounds and when shirt designs were, hmm, interesting. Having spent five years at Boundary Park, we definitely believe Oldham Athletic would be so very much better off if players like Halle were still plying their trade.

But they’re not, Oldham are in League One and Stevenage must go there tomorrow. When we say tomorrow, we of course do so in the belief that we shall be posting this before 12am. It depends how much we faff. With four points from two games, G Smiffy (for it is he) said it has been a “solid” start to the season. And we won’t argue, even if we predicted a home win and an away draw.

By all accounts, the Stevenage support was magnificent on Tuesday at Leyton Orient and it galvanised a squad already drilled in the merits of teamwork. Filipe Morias has come out and told the Beeb that the squad is hungry for promotion – same old Boro’, never accepting what it has and always wanting more. Three points at Oldham and a goal from a new US recruit will do the trick.

And while you’re awaiting kick-off tomorrow afternoon, just salivate at the nostalgia and the fact we won’t be coming up against a team featuring these bad boys:

Paul Gerrard; Steve Redmond, Nick Henry, Richard Jobson, Gunnar Halle; Mike Milligan, Paul Bernard, Craig Fleming, Neil Pointon; Ian Olney, Andy Ritchie. MARVELLOUS!

What do the bookies say? Well, for the second successive away day it seems that Boro’ are considered to be looking good for victory. The best price currently on offer is 13/8 with the likes of Betfred, while Marcus Haber is most favoured as first goalscorer. However, we are very interested in Robbie Rogers coming in at 8s with Bet 365 – albeit at the same price as a certain Jordan Slew…

Now for Boro’s team tarot (formation not exact): Team for Oldham