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WATCH: 2011/2 FA Cup run

But for the fact the Beeb are paying interest in the FA Cup this season, you might have missed the fact that balls were drawn out of a hat this week. The FA Cup has reached that stage where League Two and Conference clubs recoil in horror as they’re asked to travel to places like Burnley, Birmingham and Hull – places we didn’t realise were actually real. Yes, it’s the Third Round and […]

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Replay Your Cards Right

You get nothing for a pair, not in this game. If we draw a blank against Maidstone for a second time, the game will more than likely be up for this season’s FA Cup. Helpfully, we’ve moved on in that department since our first outing against the Stones. It took the best part of three years and around 150 games, but the demolition of Cheltenham Town at the weekend was the first time Stevenage had […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 57

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 57: Yet again, we’ve successfully petitioned the Ministry of Justice to get Steve, Deano and Mark out on day release for the latest Old Toffee and it promises to be a belter – provided none of them abscond. Again. We’ve also drafted in Ryan Davis for his debut stint as parole officer, with the charge list including the FA Cup match with Maidstone, general tactics and, surprisingly, […]

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If you needed a brutal reminder that summer had scurried off like a miscreant child over whom you have absolutely no power, it’s the arrival of the (Proper) First Round of the FA Cup. In our misty-eyed nostalgia, we remember a time where we’d all buy into “the magic of the cup”, because getting to this point was a hard slog. And for all the knocks in life, there is […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 48

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 48: The ALOOT team is now back after a completely undeserved mini-break – that or they have been temporarily washed away. Either way, host Steve Watkins is joined by Deano and Mark as usual to discuss the latest Boro’ events. You may think there hasn’t been a great deal to talk about with all the postponements, but you’d be a touch surprised! Everton, […]

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Mersey Boys – The Broad(hall)Way Musical

Now then, we come to a game that we’ve been waiting the best part of a month for – home to Everton in the FA Cup. It is Boro’s reward for dumping out Doncaster Rovers in the last round, and – optimistically speaking – our chance to get some sort of revenge on them for knocking us out of the Worthington Cup. If only we made it to pelanties that […]

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