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A ‘Bridge (Not) Too Far

As far as ‘bridges go, we don’t mind so much the Ux, Staly or even Stour sorts. At least, we don’t tend to mind ’em more often than not. And we’re even partial to the ol’Tower one down in that London too. But Cam? Ooh, no; we’re not really so hot on that type of ‘bridge. After having City make mugs of us more than once, we then got lumbered with […]

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Win, U’s Or Draw?

As ding-dong derby days go, the idea of Cambridge United makes us shrug our shoulders as if we’ve suddenly come over all French. Mais oui, there have been a few choice battles between us cool kids and dem nerds now and then; some tasty shizzle went down back in our shared Conference days, for example. Yet, we are lumped together for no better reason than we can run ’em home in the […]

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Cambridge United (Home): FIFA 18 Verdict

Just when you thought our FIFA 18 Verdict might have struck gold, Mansfield equalised. Our beef with Boro’s midweek draw is not so much our failure to rise another couple of places in the table than we ultimately have (three instead of one). No, it’s more that our poor, maligned preddy system got given another harsh lesson in how real life does things. And now it’s going to get given […]

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Send In The Clowns…

Oh look, the circus is back in town! If you make any link with the fact that our next game is against Cambridge United indoors, that’s all on you. We have every inch of respect for our near and, let’s face it, less enlightened neighbours. That sentence nearly escaped from our laptop with a straight face ‘n’ all. So near, but yet so far; it is probably about time that […]

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U’s Don’t Bring Me Flowers…

How was your Christmas? It could seem weird for us to ask that now, we know, but we’re keen to find out. Did you have to put up with barely-welcome guests who did nothing but take liberties in the comfort of your own gaff? Folks, that’s Cambridge United to a tee. Back in the times before we came good, the U’s rocked up to the Lamex last Boxing Day and robbed us blind of three points. The brazen cheek! […]

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Have We Got U’s For You

Ho, ho, fakin’ ho – glad tidings, season’s greetings and whatever else you might want off us this Christmas. As long as it’s under a fiver, mind. Now we’ve hit upon the right festive note to begin, let’s do just that. Begin. And we start with the news that it’s the first Christmas for 12 months! That means lashings of festive fizz, brussels sprouts and a sobering thought that the Mrs Brown’s Boys special is […]

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