Stevenage Programmes: Can you help us with our research?

So, are we having fun with BoroGuide’s World Cup of Boro’ Programme Covers? Our celebration of Stevenage programmes from 1980 to the present day is now into what seems like its 53rd gruelling week (Exaggerating much? Ed.). And, at some point soon we hope, we’ll have the one design that has best stood the test of time. This is down to your personal tastes as much as anything else, given that it’s you lot who are making the calls.

Even if we don’t agree with them.

Now, it’s almost sad that the leading UK, Irish, French or Dutch Bookies aren’t up to speed with the #WCBPC. The ‘real’ World Cup? Oh, for sure. It’s like it’s a major global sporting event or something. And our historical battle royale between Stevenage programmes young and old? Not so much. We’ll keep going, however. And, for the time being too, we hope you might be able to give us a helping hand from your own collection…


Stevenage Programmes: How Can You Help Us?

The thing is, we have a list of games for which we don’t have team line-ups. It makes our records incomplete and this, in turn, makes us sad. The list is only 160-odd strong at the moment, which isn’t bad out of around 2100 matches. Our efforts to plug the gap using old copies of The Comet, The Gazette or any other local rag we could lay our hands on at the British Library are now pretty exhausted. So, we need to find another way.

This is where you come in. If you have some old Stevenage programmes lying around up in your loft, garage or presentation case, we’d love to hear from you. To start, we’d love to tick the 1990s off the list of missing data. We’re not far off either. Just six line-ups from the 1991-2 and 1992-3 campaigns is all we need. We’ll narrow it down further to help too. If you have programmes from these games, you may be sitting on the info we need:

  • Abingdon United
    (Saturday 08 February 1992)
  • Biggleswade Town
    (Wednesday 19 February 1992)
  • Welwyn Garden City
    (Monday 24 February 1992)
  • Langford*
    (Wednesday 06 May 1992)
  • Enfield*
    (Monday 22 February 1993)
  • Wokingham Town
    (Saturday 27 February 1993)
  • Enfield*
    (Monday 12 April 1993)
  • Basingstoke Town
    (Saturday 17 April 1993)

If a team has a * next to its name, this is a game for which we need the data. So, Langford is the last match of the 1991-2 season for example – and there won’t be a match report in the next programme. For all the other programmes, meanwhile, we reckon a report will be inside for the games we’re missing from these campaigns. You can see which ones here: Our Missing Data. If you can help, great. Just email [email protected]!

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Pete H is the head of the BoroGuide team; helping to keep the show on the road for the best part of two decades – all because of his love of Boro'. He was relatively late to the scene; first rocking up at Broadhall Way during the 1995-6 season. But that's mainly because he was too young to pledge allegiance before then. There have been more than enough highs (Easter Monday '96) and lows (Kettering '02) since then, however, to keep him occupied. Yes, and the 2010 title win...