The next seven league games will shape our season

Morning everyone.

It’s a strange one, but we’re almost willing to overlook last weekend’s 3-2 defeat at Plymouth – the Pilgrims sit pretty at the top of the table, while we’ve struggled to keep our head above water for most of the campaign. It wasn’t much of a surprise that we left there with naff all, even if we did leave our back door wide open yet again and brought up our half century of goals against.

No, it’s the month-and-a-bit ahead that we’re more interested in.

Boro’s next seven league games

Some of you are only thinking as far ahead as the end of this month and that’s fair enough – but we’re taking it one step beyond and going right to the end of February for a run of seven games that we ought to be pillaging points from. Not one of the teams we’re facing between now and 1 March sits higher than 12th in the table and we’ll have few finer chances to bag some results.

Barnet (17th) and York City (24th) are the next two in line, home and away respectively. And we can’t imagine there’ll be much patience left for the way things are if we lose even just one of them. Crawley Town, Hartlepool United, Cambridge United and Carlisle United come next, with Exeter City rounding things up for the month on 27 February. Rich pickings? Or slim pickings?

Football ain’t the exact science we’d all like it to be. You’re more likely to call out where the reels will finish up while gaming at a Double Bubble slots site than you are to predict the next seven Boro’ results. But we can give you one thing for certain – we’re going to need to end this lean run sooner rather than later, because we can’t keep relying on them lot below us to stay rubbish.

It’s a minor miracle that we’re still 10 points clear of danger at the moment, but everyone below us has at least a game in hand – Hartlepool, the greedy feckers, have FIVE games in hand. We might not be feeling the heat right now, but we could be facing a much darker state of affairs come the start of March. Or a brighter one. That’ll all come down to how the next month goes…

So, what do you reckon lies in store for T-Shezzler’s Boro’?

Oh, match preview tomorrow and that…


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