How to Become Better at Over/Under Bets

By BoroGuide

Are you interested in placing an Over/Under bet on the Rangers? Football bettors often avoid betting on Totals (Over/Under bets) for various reasons. But becoming proficient in this market is not as daunting as it seems. Though some may be put off by seemingly low Totals set by oddsmakers on football betting sites, Football Totals betting is no different from any other sports betting market. With time, a bettor’s knowledge and expertise become stronger.

So, before you place a bet on the Rangers, let’s learn how to place Over/Under bets the right way.

How to master Over/Under football betting?

Before placing any Over/Under bets on football, there are a few things you should consider. Here are some essential points that you need to keep in mind while betting on Totals in Football:

Who are the Starting Goalkeepers?

Football betting requires having an intimate understanding of injured players, the starting lineup, and starting goalkeeper. Most clubs have a significant gap between first and second-choice goalkeepers. Often, this leads to resting your top choice during important matches or when recovering from an injury or fatigue. Therefore, it is essential to research and determines who will start for each match. With that, you can adjust your approach accordingly.

Be Aware of Weather Forecasts at Stadium

To guarantee accurate information, it’s essential to search for the weather forecast specific to the stadium location. It’s usually better than simply searching for the city name. For instance, conditions can differ significantly between North and West London. To locate the weather for a particular match, you can search for the stadium location and date of the contest. For instance, if you need forecast information for the Anfield Liverpool game on Saturday, type in “Weather Anfield Liverpool Saturday” onto any preferred source like If rain is forecast and Liverpool is struggling, having played three straight 1-0 matches, betting on the Under may be more advantageous if you believe Leeds United won’t score. Additionally, understanding the type of playing surface is critical when handicapping Football Totals. Synthetic surfaces tend to make the ball move faster and skip. In comparison, you have natural grass. This slows down when wet, making scoring goals more challenging.

Learn about match situations

Matches can have varying degrees of significance for teams depending on the circumstances. To better prepare yourself for these matches, it’s helpful to gain an understanding of their match context. In UEFA Champions League Group play, teams that have already qualified for the Knockout Stage may not feel it is necessary to risk injuries by going all out in remaining matches. Managers may opt to rest key players; using their second-choice goalkeepers in order to maintain the freshest starting XI for more important matches. While this phenomenon is less frequent during Regular Season league play in European Football, it still occurs. It is essential to recognise that not all matches are equal in importance. For example, Liverpool will be more motivated to perform well against stronger opposition such as Manchester City, Chelsea, or Arsenal. That may compare to less competitive sides like Leeds United, Brighton & Hove Albion, or 20th-place Nottingham Forest.

What is the payout on an Over/Under bet? 

The payout on an Over/Under bet will depend. It comes down to the specific odds available from the sportsbook and the amount you wager.

For example, let’s say you place a £100 Over bet on a basketball game with a total of 210 points. If the final score is 112-98, for a total of 210 points, your bet is a push and you would receive your original £100 bet back. Is the final score is 118-100? For a total of 218 points, you would win your bet because the total score went over 210 points. If the sportsbook offers odds of -110 for the Over bet, you would receive a payout of £190.91 (£100 bet plus £90.91 in winnings).

On the other hand, if the final score is 104-96, for a total of 200 points, you would lose your Over bet. This is because the total score went under 210 points. In this case, you would not receive any payout and would lose your original £100 bet. The payout on an Under bet would be similar; the difference being that you are betting on the total score to be under a specific number instead of over.

How is the Over/Under determined?

When setting an Over/Under the total, oddsmakers consider factors other than just the offensive and defensive statistics of teams. For example, weather can significantly impact scoring production in outdoor sports like football or baseball – particularly wind. Lineups, injuries, coaching strategies, home/away records, and scheduling all factor into their calculations when setting these odds.

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