8 Advantages of Playing Football

By BoroGuide

Doing physical exercise is always a good option to improve the quality of your life and the people’s performance. There are many activities that facilitate obtaining all those benefits, from more leisurely exercises, such as what is done when doing yoga or pilates; to sports where physical activity is much bigger, such as playing football or basketball. 

In addition to this, if you are a beginner who wants to start doing some kind of sport, there are many specialists that can help you decide which one is the most appropriate for you. There are also blogs, such Love my Senses, which give a wide variety of advice. Some tips are aimed at discovering which one is the best activity for each individual. 

In this review, in particular, we are going to talk about the advantages that playing football has. As it can be seen, all of them are as different as interesting. 

Football improves aerobic capacity 

One of the main benefits of playing football is the improvement of aerobic capacity. This is because you must have a high level of endurance to last about 90 minutes running at any kind of intensity.

Moreover, football players, both men and women football players, have the ability to be walking and instantly sprint. All of this is because they have a quick recovery which allows them to do it continuously throughout the game.

Football gets better cardiovascular health

Another of the many benefits of playing soccer is improved cardiovascular health. Players usually run an average of 8-11 kilometres in a match, which helps them strengthen their hearts.  

This sport involves walking, jogging and running, which allows the heart rate to be kept and blood circulation to be very active. Thus, plaques in the coronary arteries are reduced, calorie burning is increased and blood pressure is lowered.

Football reduces body fat and improves muscle tone

As mentioned above, this physical activity allows more calories to be burned than at rest. That is why playing football is recommended for those who are interested in losing weight. 

This exercise makes the muscles and the heart work at very different rates. In this sense, muscle mass increases and so does fat burning. In addition, the change in intensity, which is very difficult to experiment in very slow activities such as yoga, is essential to observe this benefit. 

Football increases bone strength

As people get older, bone density decreases. This is why, in football, repeated weight loads can be felt on the body which causes an increase in skeletal strength.

This advantage, along with all the others mentioned above, make this activity one of the best options when it comes to staying healthy and strong. Therefore, it is highly recommended to play it from a very early age to a more adult age, either as a hobby or profession. 

Coordination is boosted

Due to the changes in intensity: walking, running or sprinting, coordination is a key factor. Thanks to this quality dribbling, turning and passing can be done at different speeds and directions.

Also, hand-eye coordination improves when players have the ball or receive it from another teammate. The better coordination, both individually and as a group, the better the results in a match. 

Cooperation is promoted

It is true that many of the people who are interested in this sport have very individual goals. However, the whole team can benefit from sharing these targets in a common way, since there is greater motivation among all. 

Everything that is learned in a game can be applied later in life. The ability to work with other people to reach a common point is very satisfying in real life, the advantage of being able to work as a team can be realised in many areas of life. 

Cognitive brain function is increased

It helps to increase concentration skills, persistence and self-discipline. This is because games are relatively short in duration and require quick decisions on the field. Players, whatever the outcome, look for advantages on the field in order to receive a good pass or to defend a particular area. 

Confidence, self-esteem are increased and anxiety is reduced

All of the other benefits seen above help to boost confidence, both on and off the field. This, above all, affects women football players...

All of the other benefits seen above help to boost confidence, both on and off the field. This, above all, affects women football players, since there are the ones who suffer the most from self-esteem and security problems. That is why, recently, many women have been encouraged to take part in these activities.  

As other advantages mentioned above, this factor influences sports performance, as well as school, career, family life and friendships. In addition, like any other type of activity, endorphins are released which reduce stress and anxiety.

In conclusion, any type of sport is essential to be able to have a life full of satisfaction and happiness. That is why it is recommended that all people should look for the physical activity that motivates them the most. In this way, both short and long term benefits can be observed.

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