Sixth-ual Healing

By BoroGuide

Ah Go On
Image: Channel 4

Fresh from the relaxation of an extended weekend (thank you bankers, for once), we can now look back on Saturday’s win with a great deal of satisfaction and pride. There was to be no nasty surprises and no dramatic sucker punches; Boro’ went in and came out of the day in sixth position and were much more at ease with the fact than us supporters.

Not for the first time, it all hinged on getting the right result against Bury. Last year, a 3-3 draw was good enough for League Two. But compliant with the step up, Smiffy’s boys were assured in going that one stage further this year and nabbing a very necessary three points. Notts County’s existence rendered pointless in the process.

Recent weeks have given us delightful examples of how potent Craig Reid can be when he’s given the freedom of the penalty spot. Off the chest, onto the foot and into the goal quicker than you could blurt out a profanity. It wasn’t as good as his strike against Brentford in our eyes, but we certainly couldn’t do what he did. BoroGuide would’ve put the ball on the roof of the stand. With the chest control.

Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of the win was the ease in which Boro’ moved up a gear late on in the game. The introduction of Robin Shroot was invigorating and gave Bury a bit more to think about behind Agyemang. It certainly caught poor Efe out. It probably wasn’t a penalty judging by replays, but, y’know, bothered. Joel Byrom duly earning his latest eye poking from Lairdy.

The afternoon’s supply of icing was delivered by Beardo with his 10th of the season, Boro’s dominance – particularly in the latter stages – underlined. Delightful is just one word to describe it.

Ratings To Recover From Jager-fuelled Hangovers By…

Day 7 – … and the bells are ringing out for Chrissy Day …
Lascelles 7 – If you think we could get him from Forest, we suggest you wake up
Ashton 7 – Is he still wearing that painted-on shirt from before the Spurs game?
King Robbo 7 – Four seasons at Boro’ have delivered three playoffs and a title. Wow.
Lairdy 7 – Dude looks like a Lairdy…
Wilson 8 – Clearly practices his shooting with Michael Bostwick these days
The Essential Byrom 7 – The master of the understated display, with nerves of steel to match
Bossie 7 – If the three little pigs built a house out of Bossie, the wolf would be screwed
Freeman 7 – Foiled by the goalkeeper for what would have been a deserved goal
Reidy 8 – Set the ball rolling with a potent display of finishing
Patrick 8 – Imagine him and Beardo in an endurance race. It’d never end…
Robin 8 – Revitalised the team. Earned a 6.0 from the French judge too…
Moose 6 – Eleven of the easiest minutes you could want to play
Beardsley 7 – Rounded the afternoon’s proceedings off nicely with a goal