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Newport – League Two State Of Mind

Oh. What’s occurrin’…? So then. Newport – twinned with Guangxi Province in China, there’s no province finer. We can’t vouch for that specific part of south east Asia, but we can for that part of south east Wales that is so often overlooked by the folk at Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. Is it the uncertainty of what you might experience? The questionable cultural ambience? Or the fact that you’ve handed over […]

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Holding Back The Year

Christmas is a-coming. You can tell that by the way the weather has turned a relentless shade of cold, misty and damp. And the FA Cup Second Round, which is surely as much our gateway to the festive season as Balham is gateway to the south. But we’re not getting involved with all that gubbins this year, having liberated ourselves of our FA Cup duties in Round One for the second time […]

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Morecambe Mindy

Nanoo, nanoo, you ‘orrible ‘erberts. We’ve almost made it through the week and not a cup upset to report. Next to bother the hallowed turf of our fine, palatial stadium are the chaps from Morecambe. With this fixture, the Shrimpers become our second-most played opponent ever – overtaking Saffron Walden Town. Truly, what an age it is to be alive. Ours is a past littered with Conference and FA Trophy […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 58

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 58: It’s (apparently) Thanksgiving today. We don’t know what that is, but we’re certainly thankful that Steve, Deano and Mark are once again in the same room – it helps us track their movement better, you see. With the unholy trinity this week is Ian Stubbs – also known as Baldock Boro’ – and a very special guest. You’ll have to listen to find […]

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You Have Been Watching…

If the experience of being dumped out of the FA Cup live on telly hadn’t been as chastening, as painful and as humiliating as last night proved to be, you could have almost passed it off as a sitcom written by David Croft and Jimmy Perry. Y’know – a group of men being given the runaround in the south of England, putting up a questionable defence and getting into all manner of hilarious scrapes along […]

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Harrison’s Half Hour

And so, with all the enthusiasm and anticipation you’d normally reserve for a Monday morning drive around the circumference of the M25 in a Austin Allegro, we return to League Two action this weekend. For now, it appears we must do the dirty on the mighty Maidstone United and see someone behind their backs – Cheltenham Town, to be precise. If anyone from the Stones calls, tell ’em it wasn’t them – […]

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