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Shakers: Prattle And Roll

From six games unbeaten to three defeats on the spin – well, that escalated quickly… didn’t it? It looks like having a small squad has given us a few headaches, what with 137 players now on Paul Dando’s treatment table. Yep, we’re now just two knocks away from replacing the halftime Tyre Challenge with a round of conscription. So, be sure to take shin pads along to this one. Bury […]

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Ready For Business

Ah yes, Oxford United – a club that we seem to irk in some form or other ever since their Work Experience Kid forgot to press send on the fax machine and earned the Us a five-point deduction in 2008-9; a mistake that let us leapfrog them into the playoffs at the end of that season. It’s alright Oxford, we get it – you don’t like us. It’s just that we’re not entirely sure that we […]

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… And We Guess That’s Why They Call Them The Shrews

From one end of the spectrum to the other – we can forget all about York City and their crappy home record now because we’re dealing with a completely different beast this weekend. Yep, it’s Shrewsbury Town and a team who have won 11 out of their 13 home games this term. It’s no surprise to hear that, on their own turf, there’s nobody in League Two who does it […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 60

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 60: It might have been “Blue Monday” this week, but things have been anything but blue for Boro’ in recent weeks – unless you count Morecambe and York, where we’ve had to wear our makeshift third kit. To discuss an enchanting run of form over the festive period are Steve, Dean and Mark, with Borochat glitterati Deltic and BankerBob called in to give the […]

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A Grand Old Look At York

The grand old duke of York, right, had 10,000 men. And he marched them up to the top of a hill, before deciding to send them back down again. And there was some more mucking around before they were neither up nor down. Now we’re no military tactician, but this seems like a huge waste of everyone’s time and effort. What we hope isn’t going to be a waste of everyone’s time and […]

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The Crazy Gang

In case you missed it, AFC Wimbledon come this game having played Liverpool for the first time since… well, forever. It was hard to ignore the Beeb indulging in all that “Magic of the Cup” guff, throwing up a confused narrative that pitched the Dons in their first ever encounter against the Reds, all the while looking to repeat the club’s 1988 FA Cup glory. Let’s be fair – it didn’t even come close to Accrington Stanley’s […]

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