FanHub: The New App For Football Fans

By BoroGuide

Have you heard us talk about the new app for football fans like you – FanHub? We can understand that you might not yet be sure what all the fuss is about. After all, what’s so amazing about another football app? After all, you can already get ones that tell you the live scores on the doors from the any old national league. And there are many others at your fingertips too. None, however, are quite like FanHub though. And here’s why…

Wait a mo – what’s your cut?

Don’t worry. There’s no self-interest on our part. We aren’t paid a penny by the FanHub team. Nor are we involved with the actual creation of the app. OK, so we are one of the proud Content Partners. But all this means is that you can read our various musings via the app while you’re busy playing with all the many great features.

OK, so what is FanHub all about?

Born out of a belief that football is nothing without us fans, FanHub wants to take the beautiful game back from the money men, TV schedulers, and rule-tweakers

The team behind this brand-new app is on a mission. Born out of a belief that football is nothing without us fans, FanHub wants to take the beautiful game back from the money men, TV schedulers, and rule-tweakers. Offside is offside, right? And we think that is an admirable raison d’etre. That’s what also sets FanHub apart from all those other football apps that you can download. It all comes down to three things:

  • Support the Boro’
  • Show off your loyalty
  • Get recognised for it

FanHub co-founder Harley Thorne told us: “It seems that everyone in business is obsessed with monetising fans at every turn, and we want to change that. At FanHub, we’re building an app where fans are recognised, and rewarded, for their contribution to the game.

“We’re first-and-foremost a community of fans that believe the game is nothing without us. If you share our beliefs, you’re more than welcome to join us on this journey!”

I’m listening. So, how do I use FanHub?

The app has so much to offer. And the more you engage with it, the more you’ll move up the leaderboard. You won’t just be going toe-to-toe with fellow Boro’ fans either. You’ll be vying against fans from other clubs too. Surely you’re not happy for some oik from MK to  look better than you? Don’t forget that it’s not just personal. Each time you increase your FanRating, you’ll push Boro’ up the leaderboard too.

You can boost your FanRating in loads of ways. From predicting the starting latest XI, to reading curated club content; we’re not going to let everything out of the bag here…

By climbing the charts and showing how much Boro' means to you, it'll put you in the running for some tasty rewards

Be A GameChanger: How to get FanHub

Now, here’s the thing. If you don’t yet have FanHub on your phone, you’re playing catch-up already. Such is the uptake that a waiting list has formed for people to get in. It’s not unusual for the wait time to be three weeks before the turnstile opens to you.

Fear not, however.

We have a special Golden Ticket that gets you ahead of the thousands of fans currently waiting in line. But be fast! Our Golden Ticket has just five uses. Will you be one of ’em?

The code: gi-926

Got a question that we haven’t answered? No problems. Get in touch with the app team. They’re dead nice and have all the extra info you need. Ready to Be A GameChanger?

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