Rossoneri icons: AC Milan are one of the world's biggest teams. And here are some of the biggest names to play for the Rossoneri over the years
Photo: "David Beckham & Paolo Maldini" by CLF is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Before you started knowing it as AC Milan, the team was known as the Milan Football and Cricket Club. The name later changed to Associazione Calcio Milan, which was shortened to the now popular name, AC Millan. The Rossoneri has quite a number of wins in its name. As such, it has the title of one of the biggest football teams in the world right now. Here are some of the greatest names that have gotten to wear the red and black uniform.

Herbert Kilpin

According to an article at bestaucasinosites online casino, this is the most respected name in the team’s honorary books. Kilpin was the founder of the team and played in multiple positions for them back in the day. He played with them for nine years. But he only managed to score seven goals for them in the 23 appearances that he made.

During his time, however, the team managed to win three Italian Football Championships. Of course, extra work had to be done to put the team on the European map, but Kilpin is one of the fore founders of the team.

Paolo Maldini

This is one of the longest serving defenders of the team. Maldini managed to make a record breaking 902 appearances during his time at the team. The player was with the team for 25 years since 1984. Therefore, he is the most celebrated AC Millan Rossoneri of all time. Not only was he in the team for a long time, but he also managed to prove his worth to the team by being named the Greatest AC Milan Defender of all time. The player has over 20 Player of the Year awards in his name too.

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Franco Baresi

Baresi played the sweeper position for the team for 20 years and managed to make 710 appearances. He played for the team from 1977 to 1997 and was the captain for 15 years of that time.


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