Here are some of our favourite AC Milan players who rocked the Rossoneri jersey; helping to make the club the success they are...
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The team may be appearing on you European league themed online casinos slot game right now and you might not have any idea about its legacy. But, we know that a lot of soccer fanatics have at some point been major supporters of the team. If not, then you would have definitely heard about the name at some point while you were watching European Football. Here are some of our favourite AC Milan players who rocked the Rossoneri jersey.

Fabricio Coloccini

Although the player only made five appearances, we cannot get over the fact that the team could undermine just how much talent the player had. After all, he was seen to be one of the greatest defender to ever grace the field of Argentina. He joined the team at the tender age of 17 and only got to play in the field in 2003-4. But, after that, he went on to play for big leagues like Newcastle United. One of the best AC Milan players that never was?

Mathieu Flamini

Here is another player who managed to be with the team for five years. Unlike Coloccini, however, Flamini played a whopping 123 appearances while he was with the team. Before that, the player had played for Arsenal. It was after he gave Kaka (who played for Milan at that time) a run for his money that the team realised that they needed the player. But, the player quit the team in 2013 and went back to Arsenal. After that, he pursued his career in Pharmacy and is now into the mass-engineering of biofuels. Maybe one day he will be in high roller online casinos. Who knows?

Michael Essien

The Ghanaian player also played for big teams like Chelsea and Lyon. His AC Millan time was short. He played for the team for just one year. But, in that year, he had already turned out 22 times. Essien joined the team in 2014 and left in 2015.

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