Expressing your pride and admiration for your favourite football team can be a very liberating experience! We can vouch for that!

Expressing your pride and admiration for your favourite football team can be a very liberating experience! In the UK, clubs in certain areas opened their turnstiles for the first time in almost nine months; welcoming controlled groups of fans back to the grounds. The appetite for supporting the players has never been so high. After all, people missed the game and are eager to come back to it.

When you’re a viewer of sport, you’re still very much part of the action. The goodwill of the fans keeps the players motivated and hopeful. And this generally leads to a much better time for all gathered. With all this in mind, here are three ways to express pride in your football team.

Sing and Chant

Every sports team has a sub-culture of sorts, with their own customs and nuanced ways of supporting their team to the full.

One popular method of expressing that pride comes in the forms of songs and chants. From the bantering melodies to the heartfelt ballads, there are a plethora of tunes to belt out. Things escalate so much here that outlets like the Radio Times put together comprehensive lists of the best England football songs; showcasing that things really do take on a life of their own in this area. The songs are almost as iconic as the game!

Set your inhibitions to one side. When you’re in the stands, join in with the chorus of cheer and humour. It’s all a right of passage, a test of whether you can put yourself out there for your team. The competitive aspect isn’t necessarily the life and soul of the game; the fun factor is!

Sport the Outfit

While dressing identically to those you admire can be creepy in any other circumstance, sporting your team’s attire is a common but effective way to show support!

When World Cups come about, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone not sporting their respective national soccer kits. So, check out a reputable provider like Soccer Box. The company offers you the chance to find the perfect kit for any football fan.

When you look the part, you can feel the part. Supporting your team under one uniform will fire up your sense of unity. When those moments come again, you’ll know you’ll be able to suit up and wear your passion with pride.

Host a Viewing Party

If you and your friends or family can’t make it to a game in person, why not host a viewing party?

Make all the calls and – together – you and those you’re most fond of can sit back and enjoy the game. If lockdown rules prevent your meet, then you can also host a virtual party instead. It’ll let you all watch the action from your own pads over Zoom or Skype. So long as everyone is prepared to be flexible, there’s nothing that can stop you all.

If you’re the host of these occasions, your team pride will be swelling more powerfully than ever. You’re keeping that community and team-spirit alive and kicking, reigniting the love of the game in your attendee’s lives. Bring the mini-fridge to the television and set out all the nibbles, and a great time is guaranteed.

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