EFL teachers moving around the world can be a great adventure as you discover different experiences while learning new things

Moving around the world while teaching can be a great adventure; discovering different and new experiences as you learn new things. However, you wish you could engage in something without necessarily having to move far away from your new area of residence. There are several exciting hobbies and pastime activities you can take up as you move around. EFL teachers can incorporate new skills you acquire in your lessons to engage the students. When you do this, you will all walk away with after gaining something. The following are some ideas from English essay writing service you can consider:

Study about local music

There are new cultures from the one you know when abroad. It is an excellent idea to study popular local instruments in your new area of residence. There’s always a unique musical instrument in different world regions. For instance, if you go to Scotland, you can try learning how to play the bagpipes or playing the drums in Africa.

Learn a new painting or drawing style

The ability of EFL teachers to draw well can be a great asset in their work. However, sometimes you may not pay attention to neat drawings on the board, sometimes you will feel that you need to draw well. Similar to music, there’s always a unique painting or drawing style in different world regions. You can check into any culture centre around you to start learning about local art.

Explore the local surroundings and nature

You will find different varieties of animals and plants, which can be both interesting and mind-boggling. You can ask your students for referrals to various indigenous information on plants and animals. Ensure you visit the various parks or reserves on weekends to explore the same or visit any conservative around.

Try out woodcarving in a creative way

You can but a pocket-knife to try some whittling. It’s therapeutic. If you have challenges with finance, you can take up this hobby because it is cheap and easily accessible. After buying your knife, you will need a little creativity and some wood to start you off. Different tree branches and twigs are perfect for whittling. Choose a softwood for ease when cutting. You can use your carvings in class as a teaching aid.

Capture your adventures using a camera

EFL teachers can use a smartphone or buy a camera to take photos of different places you go to. Whatever you find interesting, eye-catching, or essential, you can capture and create your gallery of memories or post them on social media. Besides, you can print out these photos and use them as a great learning tool.

Explore the night sky

The night sky is one thing that changes from one geographical location to another, especially along the longitudes. You can invest and buy a pair of binoculars and start gazing into the sky at night if you are lucky to be in a place with a minimum light population.

Engage in mental and physical activities

Across the world, there are many places synonymous with different unique sports and physical activities. For example, in China, they practice kung fu, in Korea, they practice Taekwondo, and so do many other places. Learning new physical and mental skills like yoga can be a great addition to your expertise.

Discover the local cuisines.

In different world regions, food is one of the things that has diversity and plays a significant role in people’s culture. You can learn the local cooking methods or dishes in your free time. Learn about the spices, their benefits, the different cooking techniques, ingredients, and so on.


While you are away from home, you can do a little adventure to add fun to your stay in a foreign place and add experience.

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