All sports fans have one defining characteristic about them and the love they have for their teams – they'll go crazy when if team loses a match

All sports fans have one defining characteristic about them and the love they have for their teams. They’ll go crazy when their team loses a match. And they’ll go just as crazy when their team wins a match as well. And, between that crazy, there are some fans who’ll do things that will leave you dumbfounded. If you thought that gamblers would do anything for the love of online casinos like american casino sites, you are mistaken. We look at some sports fans here who have done things that won’t even enter your imagination.

Anne Calhoon

Anne Calhoon is a Spanish teacher who simply loves the Green Bay Packers. Moreover, like any other fan, she has a few souvenirs. However, Anne’s problem is that she has a shrine that’s dedicated to the Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Sounds normal enough. But the problem was that her classroom, where she teaches the children, was the shrine.

Larissa Riquelme

Larissa Riquelme made the headlines in 2010 during the World Cup when she was seen celebrating with a Nokia phone between her breasts. However, what really caught the eyes of the public was statement that she made. She said that she would run in the streets naked if Paraguay won the 2010 World Cup. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Paraguay did not win.

Spartak Moscow Fan

If you love soccer, then we’re sure that you know how tense penalty shootouts are. And, in 2009, a fan of the Spartak in Moscow just couldn’t stand it. The fan ran across the field and shot the goal past the rival the goal keeper. GOAL! Not really, the fan was escorted off and out of the stadium. Fans still headed to to place bets on their favourite stars, however.

Fireman Ed

This is one fan that we know all teams wish that they had. Fireman Ed is a New York Jets super fan who has led the J-E-T-S chant since 1986. He has appeared on several radio shows and he is one fan that the whole USA acknowledges as a super fan. Even the team acknowledge Fireman Ed as a super fan.

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