Scunthorpe United (H)


By Pete H

We might not be allowed out the house – but that doesn’t mean we can’t break out the FIFA 20 Verdict to see how we fare indoors against Scunny. It’s annoying though. With spring just around the bend, we wouldn’t half mind a Saturday afternoon outside on the East Terrace with the fresh air and foul language. So, are the Football League adding a nice three-point haul to our tally as we prepare to put the clocks forward. Or should we draw as little attention to our efforts as possible. You’ll have to read on to find out…


FIFA 20 Verdict: Boro’ v Scunthorpe United

(Can’t see the video? Go to YouTube instead)

Now, this wasn’t a great game if you’re a fan of good solid defending. Mistakes had been made (on both sides) that did neither side any favours. But we had an ace up our sleeves and that was Danny Newton. Not that we wanted to rush him back, you understand. That would be silly after such a long lay off – virtual or otherwise. Who knows. If we do call on him, maybe he’ll be the difference between a loss and a draw. Or a draw and a win.

OK – the secret’s OK. He turned a loss into a win and cut out the middle man.

Stevenage – 3 (Kennedy 45; Newton 75, 89)
Scunthorpe United – 2 (Miller 39; Perch 61)

Team (4-5-1): 
Farman — James-Wildin, Nugent, Cuthbert, Leesley — Kemp, Carter, Carroll, Lakin, Kennedy — CMS

Bastien, Digby, TVC, Parrett (Lakin 82), Newton (CMS 69), List (Carroll 66), Parkhouse


Boro’ MOM:
Newton – 9.4 / 10


Back indoors. Let’s be havin’ you…