Episode 67


By Pete H

Oof! We must be in a pickle if the three Old Toffee amigos have felt the need to bundle back into the same room to talk all things Boro’. Sweet! Let’s face it – it’s not like we’re unhappy about it. In fact, we’re onto Episode 67 and that puts us up there in heaven. It ain’t much shock we got the Spiffing Steve, the Dandy Deano and the Marvellous Mark here. Joining the team in the studio* is Michael Nelson. So, what’s on the agenda and what do the lads have to say. Is it a load of old toffee… or the calming words you need?

You’ll have to listen to find out, won’t you. We can’t do everything for you. We upload it. Ain’t that enough for you good people? Happy listening folks…

(*rickety portakabin in Chells)

Email in if you want ([email protected]) – who knows what’ll come of it.

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