5 Of The Best: Results From The 2018-9 Season

Stevenage 3-2 MK Dons: One of Boro's best results of the 2018-9 season?

It’s a long old season. And then it goes; booking it, packing it and naffing off to the sun – as some lad more or less once said. What are we left with? Not much ’til the pre-season friendlies roll around, that’s what. So, to get ourselves through the long close season, we’re looking back at some of the highlights of last season. Here are some of what we think were our best results of 2018-9.

Before you write to your local MP because you don’t agree, we 100% reserve the right to be subjective with our choices. And we’ll explain them too. You don’t get a politician dealing in facts. Vote BoroGuide! But our picks aren’t necessarily ones that’d have won you a tidy wedge if you’d bet on them with sitesbetting.co.uk. Some might be, though. See what you think. Oh, and forever hold your peace.


Mansfield Town 1-2 Stevenage

27 April 2019

First in the list and last on the road, one of our top results of 2018-9 was our trip to Mansfield a week before the curtain came down. The dash for the playoffs was getting a bit mad. And we’d forgive you for thinking it was the game that was going to end our chase. After all, only Bury and Newport (48) ended up taking more points indoors than Mansfield (47).

An inspired performance, two cracking goals and we ballsed up the Stags’ automatic promotion hopes too. We might feel that one again next season…


Stevenage 3-2 MK Dons

24 November 2018

It’s pure chance that we’ve only picked one home match here, but what a match to pick. MK Dons came to us in late November in great shape; losing one in the previous 18, which was at eventual champions Lincoln. In fact, they’d won seven out of eight and we’d just lost four-zip at Bury. The Dons were eyeing up top spot too, so we had it all to do.

Trailing 2-1 in the 84th, we were down and almost out. But Boro’ rallied; Ken Kennedy capping an awesome about-turn with a wonderful 90th minute free-kick.


Colchester United 1-2 Stevenage

26 December 2018

Maybe not the most memorable game on this list, but one that sticks in our mind. And that’s all that matters. Not for the first time, Boxing Day sent us to Colchester. At that point in time, we’d gone four without a win – since that MK game, actually. Col U had won three in four and were the bookies’ tip. They hadn’t reckoned on a dogged Boro’ display though.

It was the first time since Boxing Day 2011 we’d won at Colchester. Which was nice.


Port Vale 1-4 Stevenage

19 April 2019

It was a very Good Friday (snork) for Boro’ at Vale Park this season. Sure, the hosts were in no great nick and weren’t bothering the promotion or relegation races. But it had the potential to slip us up, following on from our 3-0 win at home to Carlisle the week before. If you weren’t sure we were in the hunt for the playoffs, you would’ve been after this performance.

Two for Sonupe set us on the right path, before the deadly duo of Chair and Guthrie made Vale’s consolation in between count for three quarters of sod all.


Carlisle United 0-1 Stevenage

29 September 2018

In the end, the Cumbrians were the only one of our five playoff-chasing rivals that we could finish above. In late September though, that race was a long way in the making as we made the long haul north. Again, this won’t rank as an all-time classic, but it maintained what had been a pretty solid start to the season for Boro’  – 18 points from 10 games after this one.


So, there’s five of our favourite results from the 2018-9 season to savour. Beating Oldham 3-2 indoors was a close contender, maybe even the 5-0 hammering of Swansea in that tournament thing. Alas, we could find no place for the 8-0 drubbing at the hands of Charlton, nor the 3-0 embarrassment against the world’s oldest non-league club. But you can’t have it all. Is it August yet?



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