FIFA 18 Verdict: Coventry City (Away)

It’s not something we’re proud of, but last week’s FIFA 18 Verdict told you so. Well, it told you we’d score three quarters of sod all indoors against Cambridge. It also, admittedly, had them down to get diddly squat too. So, it means we are none the wiser if you can take this to-do any more seriously for our trip up to Coventry. Well, any more seriously than you already did. And we all know the answer to that one based on our record so far…


The FIFA 18 Verdict

Now, the Cambridge debacle puts us in a bit of a pickle. Is Dino going to ring the changes? Or is he going back to what worked against Newport or Barnet. Not that you need to do much more than “turn up” with the Bees, obviously. On one hand, this is a pretty tight defence we’re up against. On the other hand, the Sky Blues sit in sixth for a reason. Oh who knows. Is it the end of the season yet? We really want to go on holiday.


Coventry City 2-3 Stevenage (Wilkinson OG 45, McNulty 64; Newton 55, 68, 80)

T. King; Henry, J. King, Wilko, Martin; Whelps (59), Sheaf (75), Amos; Godden (69), Newton, Revell

Fryer, Franks, Kenners (Godden 69), Goddard, Gorman (Sheaf 75), TVC, McKee (Whelps 59)




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