Anyone Got A Cunning Plan?

Stevenage v Luton Town: We may need a cunning plan here...

It can’t be as bad as last time. That’s our verdict, and we’re sticking to it.

We’ll get back to this when we’re good and ready, though. First, let’s talk of a Boro’ side so enchanted with the idea of not winning away from home that we’re now giving sides a two-goal run at it. “My god did we hand over three goals,” sighs the gaffer. So do we. It’s not what you want to do if your next oppo put a good few more on you last time. While we said we’d never speak of that again, it is the feckin’ great big elephant in the room.

It’s even got bells on it.

After our narrow defeat at Kenilworth Road earlier this term, our response was to come back indoors and beat Accrington. The score? 3-2. Now, let’s – for a second – imagine that football is logical. Lose at Luton, beat Accy. Lose at Accy and, hey presto, the Hatters are in line for a drubbing. We almost may as well not bother showing up this weekend, such is this absolute fact. Then again, you can say we didn’t bother showing up at their place.

Like we say, though: it can’t be as bad as last time. Can it?


Stevenage v Luton Town: The Lowdown

The Referee

It’s pretty much one year since we last hung out with Darren Handley, but the wait is nearly over. And we know some of you have been counting the days. If omens are your thing, we can strongly recommend Mr Handley
P4 W2 D1 L1 FA8; last result: Exeter City 1-1 Stevenage, 18/02/2017


The Head-to-Head

P11 W4 D1 L6 F11 A18; last result: Luton Town [REDACTED] Stevenage, 14/10/2017


The Opposition

Luton come into this match with the real prospect of putting goals eight, nine and 10 past us for the campaign. To make dismal reading for you, the Hatters managed to score in one game the same number of goals they had done in the previous nine meetings. It also shattered our four-match unbeaten run against those Shelbyvillians. So, you could say there’s a bit of damage to be undone to our record this weekend.


The Form

The form guide has rarely been our friend this season; this week, it’s not even on speaking terms with us. Luton have lost only three of their last 15 outings in the league, but there is a more encouraging way of looking at it; those three defeats have all come in the last seven. As it is, we’ve taken just four fewer points than the Hatters in the past six games. Not that we’re trying to claim we’re on a par with a side eight points clear at the summit.

Luton have the second-best record on the road in the division. Only Swindon are better travellers, as we found out to our cost very recently. The likes of Morecambe and Chesterfield have stopped the Hatters from scoring on their own turf, which is something. In eight out of 10 matches indoors, however, our visitors have breached our defences. But we’ve only lost three at home, as have Luton. So you may as well put the tin helmet away.

On second thoughts, Luton fans etc…


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