FIFA 18 Verdict: Chesterfield (H)

Now, as part of our laboured efforts to get this FIFA 18 verdict banging out something you can hang your coat on, we’ve upped the ante. It was clear that, *only* playing at World Class level, we though things were turning out too well for us. After all, a 4-1 win at Reading? Yeah. Right-o! So, to make it more likely we won’t be able to run up a cricket score and – thus – giving you a more accurate premonition of our weekend clash, we are going up a gear. Legendary. Oh yeah! Ah, and we went with the same starting XI. Because, well, we will – won’t we?

The FIFA 18 Verdict: Chesterfield v Stevenage

It took two game minutes for our theory to unravel and find itself in the bin. Now, it may be coinkydink. It may well end up that our tea leaves are right. For anyone who has watched us on the road since the end of autumn will find it hard to believe that Danny Newton will score from 20 yards and Ronnie Henry will hit the bar – all in the first 10 minutes at Chesterfield. Who knows. Maybe Danny will get that hattrick. Maybe Ronnie will almost end that drought. Or maybe the Spireites simply won’t be this bad when reality annoyingly makes itself known.


Chesterfield 0-3 Stevenage (Newton 2, 32, 59)

T. King; Henry, J. King, Wilmot (85), Martin; Pett (70), McKee (67), Smith, Kenners; Newton, Godden

Fryer, Franks (Wilmot 85), Wilko, Samuel (Pett 70), Conlon (McKee 67), TVC, Georgiou




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  1. Well I have read with interest and after working hard all week I was ready for a laugh- thank you
    Under jack our teams fitness has improved significantly, our confidence is unrecogniseaby, we play as a team and can match anyone in the division
    We are out for revenge and I fully expect a home win
    Sorry Stevenage no points from the Proact

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