Go On, Smile – It’s Only Carlisle…

Stevenage v Carlisle United: Go on, smile...

That’s right, crack a little smile there. After all, Stevenage Football Club did chalk up their first win on the road since the fall of the Roman Empire last week. Yeah, do it. Let it out. Are you familiar with the term “laughter is the best medicine”? We try to laugh several times a day just because… it makes us feel good! Let’s try it, shall we? Come on, trust us – go with that tingle of joy that’s flowing around your bones. And now stop. Because what we’re about to bang on about for around 300 words is no laughing matter. It might even make you weep.

It’s Carlisle United indoors this time around and it’s far from something to smile about from the outset. Unlike 90 others in the top four divisions, the Cumbrians don’t yet know what it’s like to lose this term. Yarp, just them and Totteringham Hotspuds still have an unbeaten league record intact. If you hadn’t peeped out your window in a while, you’ll see that autumn is upon us. Fakinel, it’s nearly November and a third of the season is down the pan. And our guests this weekend ain’t been on the wrong side of a result. Let’s see that smile now, yeah?


Stevenage v Carlisle United: Beat That!

Stevenage v Carlisle United: Go on, smile...

Now that you’re back with us after rushing off to consult your local league table, you might be about to start mitigating all over the gaff. “Ah, yeah, BoroGuide, but they ain’t top. They’ve drawn more than they’ve won. And they’re Scottish in any case!” As valid points go, two out of three ain’t bad and Meatloaf, well, he had a similar train of thought. Yes, Carlisle (like Spurs again) love a draw and sit third in the table. Six wins and seven draws leaves them four points adrift of top spot; as far as their travels go, it’s two and four.

We’re all about the faith (and Trebble), but Carlisle are making it hard for us. Only Barnet – who are back in their rightful place, we see – have stopped the Cumbrians scoring more than once on their own turf. A 2-2 draw, says the form guide, is their jam on the road. But, when it comes to our home record, we either stand or we fall. No middle ground so far. For every Luton, there’s Exeter; for every Hartlepool, there’s Crewe. And history teaches us that matches between us and them normally throw up a winner – oh, and it’s usually them.

So, we hope we’ve made you feel better about everything there. Of course, surprise soccerball results do happen – even if you wouldn’t say they are a funny brand in the free bets market. We just might be able to do something that no other side has managed in 13 attempts and that’s give Carlisle that long-awaited taste of defeat. Deep down, we have it in us. We’ve just been shy to let the rest of League Two know this season. And you can only beat what’s put out in front of you on the day. After a long trip down from Carlisle, that sits very well with us. Go on, smile – it is only, after all, Carlisle…

Stevenage v Carlisle United: Unbeatable is a word we’d apply to these League Two stats from Kick Off:

Stevenage v Carlisle United - Stats Stevenage v Carlisle United - Stats

Stevenage v Carlisle United - Stats Stevenage v Carlisle United - Stats

BoroGuide’s Carlisle United club profile – you can’t beat it…


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