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Morecambe v Stevenage: Time for relaxation and cheer?

Morecambe v Stevenage: Time for relaxation and cheer?

Job done, feet up. The class of 2016 have managed to protect Stevenage’s hard-earned Football League status and it might just let us breathe a little easier this weekend. With 10 full points separating us and all-but-relegated York City with nine left up for grabs, even a six-year-old could tell you it’d take some pretty spectacular off-field intervention to send us back to the Conference. No, we are staying put and that’ll do us for now.


Morecambe v Stevenage: Bring Us Sunshine

After a brace of back-to-back matches indoors, we’re back aboard the Boro’ bus this weekend. It’s a long one too, with Morecambe having plonked themselves somewhere near the Isle of Man. The 2015-6 Goodbye and Good Riddance Tour will start at the Globe Arena on Saturday arvo – hopefully with a little sneak peak at how we’re going to be, y’know, better at football next term. A sort of ‘try before you buy’ experience, if you will.

Now, the Shrimps.

Down the years, only Woking have forced their unpretty mugs upon us more often. This meeting chalks up the 34th occasion that we’ve played Morecambe – and we can only assume preparations for the special commemorative DVD are well advanced. We have scored more goals (54) against our upcoming hosts than any other club in our heritage – except Forest Gump, but our tally against the Gloucestershire lot is 54 too. So, there.

Let’s get one straight right now – Morecambe had a fairly gruesome thing done to ’em at Cambridge in midweek. But that does not mean we’re going walk right through their front door and make a mess of their soft furnishings. No, but their awful, woeful record at home might – no team in the division has let in more on their own turf. The Shrimps have been rescuing the ball from their own net twice a game, on average, since August.

Don’t stop to think about how, actually, Morecambe do know where the net is themselves. And you can forget about remembering how rubbish we’ve been on the road all campaign too. Oh – and never mind the bookies’ odds on a goalless draw (15/1, Marathon) either. We can see clearly now the rain has gone: 200/1 (bwin) is a repeat of our 4-3 win earlier this season. Hang on, we’ve gone a little too far down this path, haven’t we.

Last weekend, we moved up the table for the first time since we played Morecambe back in November. And it came after a victory over the team we leapfrogged – Newport County. This weekend, we have the chance to move up the table if we win. Who could we go above? Only chuffin’ Morecambe. Football can be a funny old game like that sometimes – not that it’s been that funny for Boro’ this term. Now, at least, we can afford to smile a bit.

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