A Load Of Old Toffee (2020)

A Load Of Old ToffeeA Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 49: With the spring virtually here, our cherished buds – Steve Watkins, Mark Hollis and Dean Thompson – have come out of hibernation to grace your speaker (or headphones) with their opinions. And this time, Ian Stubbs – a man you’d know as Baldock Boro’ – is the esteemed guest. We have four games to reflect back on and a couple of games on the horizon on which to ponder. Meanwhile, we also muse on Steve’s inability to work a SatNav, the repeated burning of Deano by the manager and the lowdown on ALOOT Live on 21 March. It’s all bunnies and daffodils from here on in. Boo us your views or be old-fashioned: [email protected].

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